Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gene Simmons not worthy: Winnipeg Mayor's office KISSes one Ass too many?

Damn James Hope Howard over at Slurpees & Murder and his prodigious blog posting of late... he took the words right outta my mouth with his latest post: You Get a News Story Like This and the Jokes Write Themselves. A must read, it illustrates how Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz decision is to award serial womanizer & fading KISS rock star Gene Simmons the key to our fair city is absurd. Sheesh, ... when did chronic self-indulgence and highly publicized sexual debauchery become the criteria for who gets the Key to the City? Cripes, whose next? Charlie Sheen?

Surely Winnipeg Mayor's Office has better things to do... don't they?

[Update: I just realized that PolicyFrog also has two great posts on this Kafka moment in our city's history. See "Stop The Madness - Part 1" & "Stop the Madness - Part 2"]