Saturday, February 26, 2011

ARSEHOLE of the WEEK: Manitoba Judge Robert Dewar - excuse maker for rapists

"It is inconceivable that a judge today would raise a woman's attire ... as a mitigating circumstance in sentencing a man convicted of rape."

Well, it may be "inconceivable" - - but it happened!

Manitoba Judge Robert Dewar has no business on the bench. The Fucker should be fired and he should be fucking fired now! Dewar has no business judging anything anymore. He gave up that right when he choose to blame the victim. He had no business blaming the victim and tacitly excusing the perpetrator's actions. Rape is Rape! And when a rapist is convicted there can be no excuse proffered from the bench for the ensuing light sentence for such an abominable act. The only business Judge Dewar should be concerned about presently is the signing of his name to his resignation letter. Anything less is unacceptable!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Harpo & Co. unleash their Rats! (aka: Stephen Harper is a usury bastard!)

Usury specimens both!

Remember this: "Aside from their actual bite, rats spread disease through the fleas they carry, their urine, feces, and falling hairs." [
Public Health Service publication]

When you read this: "The Harper government is sending 80 MPs across the country today on a taxpayer-funded campaign to promote its economic action plan."

nuff said!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gaddafi? Kadhafi? Qaddafi? Gaddaffy? I don't care how you spell it cause it's all the same kind of CRAZY to me!

Al-Jazeera is calling it defiant. Others say it was rambling. Maybe so, but as I watched the entire thing live today the only word that coming to my mind was CRAZY!
Clearly unstable, the Libyan leader seemed to lose his grip more than a few times during the rant. Truth is, the guy I really felt sorry for was the poor bastard who was the TV translator. You could tell that he was often really struggling to make sense out of the disjointed wing-nut wisdom nuggets that kept spewing out of Gaddafi's frothing mouth - poor bugger. Hey, don't they shot rabid dogs in Libya?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Unlike Canada's Prime Minister - here's a PM with BALLS!

While I may not agree with the British PM's politics... I gotta say the man has balls. Mere days after the Egyptian uprising and the ouster of the authoritarian Mubarak, British PM David Cameron has boldly (and maybe even wrongly?) decided to ally himself with the current caretakers of the Egyptian people.

Though the hybrid civilian and military command now running Egypt faces many perils, and is possibly in danger of taking missteps between now and the scheduled fall elections in Egypt, British PM Cameron has nevertheless decided to demonstrate solidarity with their cause and mission.

Can any Canadian imagine our hapless hopeless Harper ever demonstrating the same kind of gravitas? Can any of us here in Canada imagine our PM actually committing himself so wholly and completely to a process still in flux and potentially fraught with so many political downsides? Can anyone (any Canadian?) imagine our Prime Minister ever displaying a pair of balls like British PM David Cameron has just done?

The short answer is: NO!

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper simply does not have the balls, the testicular fortitude, or the gonadal gravitas to ever take a chance like this; he is simply too weak. He is, sadly, an "international leader" without credibility.

The post-revolutionary game in Egypt is not for the weak of heart who pander but never lead. It is not for the mimics who cannot see that aping other leaders and then parroting pablum on the global stage is not leadership. Frankly, it is not for men like Stephen Harper. He hasn't got the timber, the time, and/or the convictions to be taken seriously by anyone outside this country. In short, Harper's international Cannon is too weak... a mere pop-gun.

Stephen Harper is too selfish to ever take a chance like David Cameron. And he is too gutless to ever act on a point of principle that would open him up to criticism! As a "world leader" he is nothing but a disgraceful pantywaist, a man who has no business sharing the stage with real men and women of substance! Stephen Harper is a Foreign Affairs failure who only "kisses" when its safe and never "tells" it like it is. Stephen Harper is weak.

Fight on Libya!

This pic is of the famed Libyan Freedom fighter known as the Lion of the Desert, Omar Muktar (1862-1931). He he was hanged at the hands of his Italian oppressors in 1931. To all you brave Libyan's now rising up, fighting, and giving your lives some eighty years on to overthrow another sick oppressive boot of tyranny - it is my fervent hope that you may soon prevail. Godspeed to all of you in Libya who want freedom! And to the rest... disgrace, infamy, and if need be, death!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Oda Odor begets yet another alternate Tory reality sideshow.

Faced with the fact that Oda's lying version of events over the Kairos affair has set off Canada's collective bullshit meter, Stephen Harper is at it again. With Harpo & Co's current PC Minister of Misremembering (Bev Oda) seemingly truth challenged the PMO has decided to invoke Rule#1 from the PC Emergency Political Playbook (aka PEPP).

For those of you unclear on Harpo & Co.'s PEPP Rule#1, it reads:

"Should our government or any of our amoral minions be caught in the act of deceiving the Canadian public:

a.) it shall be the official policy of this PMO to immediately employ all the obfuscating ideological trained spin-monkeys at our disposal to invent a faux alternate reality to explain away why the facts don't matter.

b.) This new gospel, this narrative of nonsense if you will, is to then be distributed to all our sitting turnips, ... err... that is, to our Ministers of the Crown and the Cockus.

c.) Said PC turnips, sycophants, yes-men, and assorted mimics are then to spread out like a pathogen across the land and throughout the media-sphere to endlessly and shamelessly champion the new talking points. The new gospel is to be disseminated to ALL.

d.) Internal questions as to the veracity of the new narrative will not be entertained, and any effort to apply logic and/or integrity to this process is strictly VERBOTEN!"

Given today's news in the Montreal Gazette it would seem the rule is in play. The PC spin wizards are again trying to baffle us with bullshit - "Operation Oda: To sanitize, deodorize, and minimize" has indeed begun!

Really, were we to expect anything better from Harpo & Co.? Sadly, the answer is no.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stupidest Headline I've Read today!

CTV Headline: "PM doesn't favour U.S. fee for Canadians"

Again CTV News is using it's media platform to try to paint Stephen Harper in the best possible light. Christ, their headline is absurd!

Of course, Harpo (no matter how little integrity he may actually have) cannot, and will not, support the levying of fees on Canadians traveling to the US. After all, that would be akin to him coming out in "favour" of an unnecessary purchase of an over-priced new and unproven fighter jet! Wouldn't it?

A freaking no-brainer this story is not news! Only a moron PM would "favour" it! The real CTV headline should have read: "Harpo can only manage to opine that the US proposed fee on Canadian travelers is not 'useful'!"

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tasering Testicles Toronto style - police abuse, lack of legitimacy, & Cairo I hear you calling

"A Toronto cop's threat to Taser suspects' testicles was..."

I said it then, and I'll say it again: the use of Tasers by our law enforcement agencies are a problem.

In the hands of too many wrong & weak-minded cops, Taser's are nothing but a bullying control tool that too often result in either torture, coercion, or death. A "too-ready" tool in the arsenal of our state-sponsored paramilitary organizations (i.e. police), Tasers are too often being employed to deprive us of our rights, our liberties, and our lives. Yes, that even includes the rights of criminals! Because even the guilty in Canada should be free from any form of state sanctioned threats of torture. And anyone who believes otherwise is a fascist.

If incidents like this keep up, more and more Canadians will start refusing to submit to any legitimate questions from police. Fearing abuse, even the innocent will start resisting any threat of detention by the authorities. Not on the grounds of they are innocent, but sadly on the grounds that it does not matter if we are innocent or not! After all, who wants to take the chance of being Tasered in the nuts if they are, in fact, innocent? Who will risk not being able to give the "right" answers to question's posed by bully cops? Certainly, not me - cause while my nutsack may not be a big hairy deal to anybody else, it is mine, and it does deserve to be left unmolested by anyone other than my wife!

It's time all police forces across Canada took a good look in the mirror. They collectively need to decide if they are: protectors of Canadian rights, or are they violators? If the answer is the latter, beware Canadian cops. Beware because some of us will simply stop respecting your faux claims to authority - and the cost will be high. If our Canadian police continue to operate as if they are above the law they will absolutely lose their claim to social legitimacy. Law abiding Canadian citizens have had enough. We need to believe in our rights and in our the laws AND we need to know that our state-sanctioned "protectors" of the said law will NOT violate our rights! Otherwise, all is lost. With each new tale of police abuse our fragile democracy is further weakened. Our "rights" become farce, the state losses legitimacy, and we all are placed at risk .... and then that real trouble begins. Cairo, I hear you calling...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winnipeg is officially "Katzville": And like its mayor, Katzville is sick!

"To wrap up the speech, the mayor assured the crowd that Winnipeg is well on its way to economic growth." Err, ... thanks Global TV, you mindless parrots! Here, try these Free Press interpretations of his State of the City address instead - they got it right:

Mayor Katz "... was avoiding the larger question about the need for a new political and economic relationship between the city and the province." AND, "... did not mention this is a city that right now does not produce enough revenue to pay its bills."

Clearly, here in the "Katzville" all is not well. But you wouldn't know it if the only person you ever listened to was the bespectacled moron who, sadly, is our very own Hizzoner. To hear him say it, Katzville (formerly a city called Winnipeg) is on the precipice of greatness!

Yes sirree, we are "World Class"! But only if one defines "world class" as: making a bogus announcement of hosting the big-game; having one newfangled cop-chopper in the sky; and not being able to pay one's bills or live up to one's promises. Yep, Mayor Katz, by those standards we are indeed world class! World class all the way baby! Err, that is, if you're comfortable being mayor of a town that sees 48,000 of its citizens having to rely on food banks! Yep, aside from hunger and a myriad of other human issues that you have failed to address here in Katzville, we are, indeed, world class Mr. Mayor - a "world class" failure in the making!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Taxi Drivers in Winnipeg say no to child abuse prevention measure: Cab Company President says he will not comply with new law.

[photo courtesy of]

"Starting April 1, child abuse registry checks will be mandatory for all cabbies to make sure they've never been convicted of an offence against children."

Seems reasonable, no? I mean, does anyone believe it's okay for any convicted child abuser to have regular, routine, and unsupervised contact with children? Who could possibly be against this? Who would actually assert it is a non-issue if convicted pedophiles are in regular contact with the children of this city? Well apparently the manager of Winnipeg's largest taxi fleet, Unicity Taxi's Gurmail Mangat, would do just that - - not only is he against it, he's said his company will not comply with the new regulations. Really Gurmail? You're fighting this? Cripes. YOU SIR, are an idiot!

Unlike the recent absurd battle over the unnecessary mandatory safety shield regulations, the adoption of a mandatory child abuse background check for all cabbies is both prudent and reasonable. Gurmail's faux argument that the vast majority of taxi fares are not children simply doesn't hold water. As one Winnipeg School Board has pointed out, it has children who take cabs to and from school every day. Translating into literally thousands of trips every year, one is hard pressed to see why any of these children should be placed in potential danger if even one driver is, in fact, a convicted sexual predator. To claim it is a non-issue is simply indefensible and borders on willful negligence. Gurmail Mangat is a moron.

Think what would happen if a representative of a daycare, teacher, and/or hockey coaching group came out against mandatory child abuse registry checks? Would we stand for that? I think not. By virtue of their job, Winnipeg Taxi drivers become privy to both the home addresses of children and to the child's daily routine; who among us believes a convicted pedophile should have a right to this information? Anyone?

If Gumail Mangat and Unicity Taxi persist in ignoring this law and, in fact, do fail to comply with its measures by April 1st, then the powers that be should use all powers at their disposal to take immediate punitive actions against the transgressors. On this issue, unlike the mandatory safety shield issue, Unicity Taxi does not have a leg to stand on. Without delay the government needs to send a simple but powerful message: Comply or else!