Friday, December 25, 2009

Breaking News: Sarah Palin Kills Santa!

December 25, 2009 - 4:30am PST - Wasilla, Alaska

Alaskan State Troopers in Wasilla confirm they have attended to an incident at 1140 W Parks Hwy along the shore of Lake Lucille. The address in question is purported to be the family home of the well known self-promoter, author, and media personality Sarah Palin. According to Sargent Hubie H. Huckleberry of the local State Troopers office, police were responding to calls of "shots fired" at the Palin residence as reported by guests at the adjacent Best Western Hotel.

Upon arriving at the
Palin residence, troopers found a very distraught elderly man, all dressed in red, holding the bloodied remains of the head of his prized rangifer tarandus, Rudolf. Surrounded by a sad inconsolable group of eight other bleeding and wounded reindeer (and the wreckage of a sleigh full of toys riddled with bullets), the poor soul, clearly shaken, cried, "... for the love of God, has anybody seen the nose".

"Oh Why? Why? Why?", he then sobbed repeatedly.

But the tears streaming from the old man's now
twinkle-less eyes and down his rosy cheeks did not phase the crazy-eyed lady in a kerchief and high heels holding a smoking Mossberg Maverick. Initially saying nothing - she finally, simply, and coldly, said: "Because you peace loving- Obama loving-bearded old hippie-socialist-commie-bastard, NOBODY is ever allowed to tell me that I've been naughty!"

And with that, she turned to her hapless (useless) man-servant in his dressing gown and cap and shouted: "Come on Todd, get the lead out! Go get the knives. Let's cut, gut, and dress this bitch!"

Update: Early eyewitness accounts also state that Mrs. Palin then proclaimed in front of her crying children and grandchild: "Oh, go cry me a liberal river you bleeding heart wussies; this is not the way I and dude raised you. It was on our property, I shot it, so we're gonna eat it!" Much sobbing is said to have ensued. At last report, the distraught elderly bearded man in red was last seen walking into the middle of Lake Lucille mumbling "the horror, the horror" before then jumping through the ice ... he has not been seen since.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Dr. DILDO (aka MP Carolyn Bennett) is crazy!

Whew! Wow! Talk about overdue. And to think I thought it would never happen! Boy was I wrong.

In case you haven't heard yet, Canada now has a fearless spokesperson (an esteemed Member of Parliament no less) who is willing to take up the cause of ridding all our sexually un-satiated orifices from the scourge of chemically toxic DILDO's!

Yep, you read that right. Toronto's very own crazier-than-a-bedbug MP, Carolyn Bennett, has formally written to the Minister of Health Leona Aglukkaq asking her to investigate the “urgent need for responsible regulation in the adult toy industry in Canada.” (Oy vey!)

Hark, she writes, the very same chemicals that are not allowed "in children's mouth toys" [the controversial chemical bisphenol A and other phthalates] are still being allowed to penetrate our marketplace via our sex toys!

"... there's no rules preventing their use in a vibrator, Dr. Bennett says."

Now, I don't know about you, but I certainly don't want female Canadians throughout this fair and horny land frigging themselves to death with mass produced toxic Dildo's! No, I want what Dr. Carolyn Bennett is promising. I want to live in a country that .... err, ... err, ... oh criminy, I can't even finish this post properly.

Jesus! I mean, really, Jesus!

With all that is going on both domestically and internationally did we really need a Member of Parliament to take up the cause of synthetic members of all shapes, sizes, and colours in this manner. Was there not a better way to do this?

Could she have not just propose that the existing regulations be amended to include any personal use product that comes into contact with human skin? I mean really! Sometimes you just gotta draw the line somewhere; and I draw it here. This MP, this doctor, this insane nutbar, has done no favours to either her party, her cause, or dildo's in general. A weak and limp attention-getting ploy of the first and saddest order, her actions simply detract from what really matters. All Carolyn Bennett has managed to do here is prove that Canada's Parliament is, too often, a haven for dildo's of all political stripes. She should retire.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Colvin's Letter & The Heart of the Issue

Colvin's letter today proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we Canadians deserve better. We are entitled to absolute and full disclosure from our federal government. Harper's government must answer why it took seventeen months to act, when it knew, categorically, that the detainees we were handing over to Afghan authorities were at a high risk of being tortured. Anything less than full disclosure is unacceptable!

From Colvin's letter, page 3 [emphasis added]:

"From February 2006 ... to May 3, 2007 (when Canada signed a new Memorandum of Understanding on detainees that gave us the right to monitor), our detainees continued to be transferred to the NDS, despite a substantial risk of abuse or torture.

Unlike our NATO allies in the south, we chose not to monitor our detainees. Because of notification delays, the Red Cross was also unable to monitor during the first days or weeks of detention, when the risk of torture was highest. Information on detainee transfers had to be sent to the ICRC via CEFCOM in Ottawa, where the information remained until CEFCOM commander Lieutenant‐General Michel Gauthier forwarded it. As late as spring 2007, there were delays in notification of up to 34 days.

Monitoring in Kandahar was implemented by a rotating pool of officers, some on very short deployments. As a result, Canadian detainees in NDS custody in Kandahar remained at risk of torture. Even after the new MOU was signed, Ottawa for the first five months did not send a dedicated DFAIT monitor to conduct the monitoring.When a dedicated monitor was finally sent out in late October 2007, he quickly found conclusive evidence of continued torture. This finally triggered a Canadian decision to stop transfers.

From the PRT’s warning of 2 June, 2006 ‐‐ which noted serious concerns about the treatment of Canadian detainees in Afghan custody ‐‐ until the cessation of transfers to the NDS was seventeen months."

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Raging Tory MP John Baird: A picture perfect reflection of your government in action!

This is the face that our current Prime Minister chose to have speak on his behalf in the House of Commons yesterday. Is this the face you want speaking for you?

Forget about this other guy; John Baird is the true face of a Raging Tory. Apparently Baird is the one that Harpo & co. trust most to represent their position on the Afghan detainee issue in public. Criminy! We deserve better.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Meanwhile in Manitoba... will Selinger be a Weir?

The last throne speech authored by a 'replacement premier' in Manitoba was in 1968, when poor Walter Weir assumed the burden of leadership from that highly over-rated, quasi-progressive, and so-called conservative, Duff Roblin.

Roblin, who had become frustrated by the inability of Manitoba to bear the costs of his mega-project projects, abandoned Manitoba's ship just as his “regime was beginning to falter”. After a decade in power Roblin claimed that provincial power had “lost much of its savour and appeal.” Much like the recently departed Doer, hapless Roblin then sought to trade the keys to his provincial office for one on a larger, grander, and presumably more important stage. In the end, unlike Doer, Roblin failed. Because, again unlike Doer, his chosen escape hatch came without any guarantees.

Enter Walter Weir and his infamous Throne Speech in 1968. So, with this in mind, I would like to simply say:

Whatever else happens today, I hope that Premier Greg Selinger does not forget how 'replacement' Premier Walter Weir's inaugural Throne Speech marked the beginning of the end of his government.

The last thing Mr. Selinger needs to do is to emulate Weir. He cannot afford to see his speech categorized (a la Weir's) as little more that "five well spaced pages of legistative balloon juice and whiffle dust"! He cannot, as did Weir, leave the opposition "smacking their lips in anticipation" of the upcoming session. He cannot give us promises that are blinded by their lack of vision.

If nothing else, Mr. Selinger should, indeed must, take the opportunity he has today to stake his claim to the office he now holds. He must provide Manitobans with absolute proof that this NDP government is HIS government. That it will reflect his promises, his goals, his identity, and his commitment to try harder than his predecessor. He must convey that the old, albeit successful, but ultimately unsatisfactory NDP way of doing business and making 'safe policy' is over. In short, he must demonstrate that he will aspire to do greater things than his predecessor.

The last thing Mr. Selinger (and Manitobans) want to read in tomorrow's paper (or on today's internet) is that his Throne Speech fell short. That it missed its mark. That, as was said of Weir's, it amounted to little more that "a slender legislative programme" marked by an "anything - but bold approach." Because what we don't need is Selinger's Throne Speech to be seen, amid the all heraldry, pomp and circumstance, as something "strictly in the pop-gun category".

After all, after a decade of Doer, we deserve more!

[re: quotation marks - most are from March 3rd, 1968 edition of the Winnipeg Free Press and Roblin's biography - oops, maybe it is the March 5th, 1968 edition of the Freep I am citing - check both if you need as I am doing it from memory!]

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Grey Cup 2009- A Baker's Dozen equals Defeat


“There were 13 men on the field, ... a lack of communication ... It’s just totally 100-per-cent disappointment. ... a disappointment that will be with our football team for their lifetimes.” Ken Miller - Head Coach, Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Really? NO SHIT! And, but for presence of one functional abacus on the sidelines, it needn't have ended the sad way it did. Pity.

Dear Saskatchewan Roughriders,

Thanks for the effort, you played a helluva game ... too bad it all came down to one simple fact - in the CFL the fielding of a Baker's Dozen is a big no-no.

Better luck next year guys!

And as for the Rider coaching staff, sheesh! I mean c'mon! Hope you all bone up on your math skills during what is, surely, going to be a very long off-season.


Fat Arse

My Grey Cup Checklist

Functioning TV - check
Comfy Couch - check
Chips & Dip - check
A raft of Cold Beer - check
Functioning Bladder - check
Working Toilet - check
Simmering Pot of Spicy Chili - check
Ample Arsewipe - check
More Cold Beer - check

Alas, all is ready. All that's left to say is...


Monday, November 23, 2009

Pundit Dung of the 1st order: Andrew Coyne's intentional obfuscation of the issue at hand.

So I read this Coyne piece. I upchucked and then recoiled. His pro-Tory agenda is clearly on display. His goal, seemingly, is to deflect our attention from Harpo's &Co's responsibility for its role in the ongoing torture of Afghan detainees.

What Coyne fails to understand with the publication of his column is that we have an absolute right to know the truth about our present elected government's conduct on this file. All Coyne's article does is play unaccountable politics with a very serious issue. All he does is try to interject crass partisanship crap into the debate. Shame on him. Below is my stated objection to his tactics:


Pundit dung of the first order sir.
Truth be told I have come to expect more than shoddy, lazy, and such obviously pro-PC partisan analysis from you. Sadly, you seem to be intent on obfuscating the issue at hand.

Really sir, it is not the historical paternity tale of our Afghan Detainee Policy (ADP) that is germane at this point, it is the current Government of Canada's inability to straightforwardly address the known issues of abuse. Our current government's shameful effort to censure and attack those who would speak truth to power can not go unchallenged. Our current government's absolute failure to be transparent on this issue must be challenged.

I care not what stripe our government of the day wears (PC Blue or Lib Red) it's irrelevant. Fact is, the government of the day, the government TODAY, owes us all an explanation. Do they, in OUR name, as OUR government participate in and/or condone and abet illegal war practices that any reasonable Canadian would deem inhumane treatment? Did they, do they, support policies that knowingly lead to the torture other human beings? It's a simple questions that deserves an honest answer. What Paul Martin did in 2005 is, of course, important. More importantly, however, now that more facts are known, is WHAT IS STEPHEN HARPER HAS (OR HAS NOT) DONE to live up to our international legal obligations NOT TO TORTURE HUMAN BEINGS?"

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dazed and Confused: Cotto and boxing, Harper and climate change

It's kinda weird. On climate change, as with so many other issues, Harpo's almost like a zombie? I mean Christ, if even Obama can't get his attention, what chance do the rest of us have?

And talking about dazed and confused, I'm glad I was not in Miguel Cotto's boots last night going toe-to-toe with the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet ... ouchie!

Ever had a bad day at the office? Did you come home looking like this? No? Me neither, err, well not too often at least. The photo kind of reminds me of our Tory government's climate change strategy ... all bloodied.

Poor Cotto, he ended up like the Tory climate change strategy at APEC that also involved a warm-up round, lots of bobbing and weaving, spinning, weak-kneed qualified backpedaling, all to no effect = "The final communique from the leaders summit of the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) forum here was largely silent, though, on any hard commitments to cutting the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change."

Ah, another optimum outcome for Harpo & co. on the climate file, another status-quo wet-dream success, another day of no progress!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Manitoba MP Shelly Glover: Nothing to see here kiddies, just stay to the right

[Above: MP Shelly Glover doggedly sticks to her message that: "In PM Harpo's world, staying to the right is always the right choice."]

Does the Tory branding exercise know no shame?
Judge for yourself, read this:

St. Boniface Tory MP Shelly Glover recently offered Louis Riel students free water bottles, but trustees turned Glover down when they learned that the bottles would bear the Conservatives' logo.

"The bottles were personalized and had her name and the Conservative logo," Louis Riel school board chairwoman Marilyn Seguire said Thursday. ....

Seguire said that it was not clear how many water bottles Glover was offering, or how they would promote students' interest in French immersion.

.... Glover said she offered the water bottles as a way to congratulate students doing well in French immersion and as an incentive that would be available to other students if they did better in their French immersion courses.

"I went to a French immersion program. When I was in French immersion, we had incentives to speak French in the hallways," Glover said.

But when Glover was told that the school board had turned down the water bottles because they bore the Conseravtive[sic] logo, she said, "I know where you're going with this," and said she would have to gather more information before commenting further.

Don't know about you, I can hardly wait for the rationale she's going to pull out of her arse to justify this one. However, I doubt she will admit the truth; ergo, that it is part of the wider Tory plan to "get 'em young and get 'em early"

Update: Too funny. Just checked site-meter, in the 1/2 hour since the this post went up, it appears that at least one group has noticed it! Again, too funny. What do they care what a blogger thinks?

gc.caNov 13 20099:38:15 am20:03
9:32:31 am10:00
9:26:45 am20:00
9:20:56 am318:07
9:17:07 am322:15

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Talk about Class: Brett Hull's HHOF acceptance speech

Outspoken? Sure. Occasionally mouthy? Sure. A great hockey player? Definitely.

Well spoken? YES!

Brett Hull's acceptance speech at the recent Hockey Hall of Fame induction ceremony definitively proves that he is, indeed, a better man than his father Bobby. Humble and reflective, his words serve as a shining example of how these things ought to be done:

Sunday, November 8, 2009

This Is What a Failure Looks Like

12-17-09 - Update on the original post below. Go figure?

Winnipeg Blue Bombers 2009 season record:

7 wins - 11 loses

Need we say more?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Travesty! Ontario's H1N1 vaccination policy.

Canadian values? Equal access for all? Not in Ontario.

You know Ontario's health system is fundamentally broken when you see stories like this:

"A private clinic [Medcan] in Toronto .... located in the heart of the city's financial district .... said on Friday that ... customers have been able to access the vaccine without lineups, even receiving valet parking.

However, to be added to the clinic's list of 40,000 clients and receive the shot, customers must first undergo a "comprehensive assessment" which costs $2,300 ... a spokesperson from the clinic said."

In recent days, Torontonians have become increasingly frustrated with the city's public vaccination facilities. On Saturday, .... Lineups stretched into the thousands and many people waited in the rain for hours only to be turned away empty handed.


Medcan applied early for the doses and received about 3,000 of them from Toronto Public Health [somebody should be fired?]. If new clients are deemed to be in the high-risk group, they can then be immunized without waiting in line. They even receive valet parking."

Thursday, October 29, 2009

H1N1 Update: Your PC Goverment at its finest?


"The federal government is advising all provinces, including Manitoba, that there will be significantly less vaccine delivered than had been anticipated in the weeks ahead."

Anyone remember this?

October 21, 2009 - HEALTH CANADA NEWS RELEASE -Health Canada Approves Pandemic H1N1 Flu Vaccine for Canadians

Minister of Health Leona Aglukkaq today announced that Health Canada has approved AREPANRIX, a vaccine against the pandemic H1N1 flu virus.... the adjuvanted vaccine has been judged safe and effective.... "This is a milestone in our efforts to fight the pandemic H1N1 flu virus," said Minister Aglukkaq. "Thanks to careful planning we now have a safe and effective vaccine being distributed to provinces and territories that they will be rolling out in a matter of days. I encourage all Canadians to get vaccinated because it is the best way to protect our health and the health of our loved ones."


"Canada is in the enviable position to be able to offer vaccine to every citizen who needs and wants it," said Canada's Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. David Butler-Jones...."

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper: national pandemic preparedness is a joke!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Not yet built: the Canadian Human Rights Museum is hiring?

Seems that despite all of the unresolved budgetary issues surrounding Winnipeg's ultimate vanity project, the Canadian Human Rights Museum, that its powers that be are actively seeking to hire historians. Weird. There's no building yet, no consensus on content, and no direction ... hmm, putting the cart before the horse? How are Asper & co. going to pay the salaries?

H-NET posting:

From: Discussion <>
Date: Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 12:53 PM
Subject: Career Opportunities for Historians (human rights)


I received a notice today about career opportunities for the forthcoming
Canadian Museum for Human Rights (Winnipeg). Some people on the listerv may
find this information interesting ­ here¹s the link:

Dominique Clément, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology, University of Alberta
5-21 Tory Building, Edmonton, AB, T6G2H4
Phone: 780-492-4316; Fax; 780-492-7196

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Under the Leadership of ..." CHRIST GIVE IT A BREAK ALREADY!

Anybody care to guess what phrase is really starting to rub my Fat Arse'd hemorrhoids the wrong way? Read on, see if you can guess?

Canada Invests in Vancouver's Iconic Science World

Market Wire (press release) - ‎6 hours ago‎
"Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, our Government is delivering on infrastructure projects that will stimulate local economies and ...

Canada's Economic Action Plan Is Delivering Timely and Targeted Stimulus Funds

Gov Monitor - ‎Oct 14, 2009‎
Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, our Government is stimulating the economy and creating jobs.” Today's investment, through the ...

Highway 22 upgrade funding

Whitecourt Star - Don Perdue - ‎Oct 14, 2009‎
Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, our government is getting shovels in the ground and flowing money faster to stimulate the economy ...

New Kakisa River Bridge Opens to Traffic

Canada Views - ‎Oct 6, 2009‎
Our Government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, recognizes that investments in infrastructure will create jobs, stimulate our economy ...

Chabad of Vancouver Recipient of $1.2 Million Government Grants - Dvora Lakein - ‎Oct 7, 2009‎
Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Government of Canada is proud to invest in the renovation of the Lubavitch Center through ...

Port Metro Vancouver to receive millions for infrastructure projects

Canadian Transportation & Logistics - ‎Sep 30, 2009‎
Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, our government is investing in new port projects today as part of our larger plan to create local ...

Canada-Ontario Partnership to Revitalize Downtown Niagara Falls Streetscape (press release) - ‎Sep 28, 2009‎
"Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, our Government is investing in projects that get shovels in the ground to stimulate the economy and ...

Economic Action Plan Gets Shovels in the Ground Across Nova Scotia (press release) - ‎Sep 25, 2009‎
"Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, our government is stimulating the economy and creating jobs," said Minister MacKay. ...

Government of Canada Invests in Construction and Relocation of Gallery Lambton (press release) - ‎Oct 3, 2009‎
"Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, our Government's Economic Action Plan is delivering funding for cultural infrastructure projects ...

AND ON, AND ON, AND ON, it goes ...

Canada Launches $1-Billion Green Infrastructure Fund"Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, our Government is targeting investments in green infrastructure to stimulate the economy and improve ...,842421.shtml - Cached - Similar

Quotes from Street Insider - News, photos, topics, and quotesUnder the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, our Government is stimulating the economy and creating jobs ... Canada's Economic Action Plan is ...
  1. - Cached - Similar
  2. Prime Minister of Canada: Mission

    9 Mar 2009 ... Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canada shines as an example of what people can achieve when they work together, ... - Cached - Similar
  3. Speech from the Throne

    Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Government of Canada will follow a five-pronged plan to protect Canada's economic security. ... - Cached - Similar
  4. Government of Canada invests in Wasaga Beach to stimulate local ...

    10 Sep 2009 ...Under the Leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, our government has committed to act quickly to provide the specialized support that ... - Cached - Similar

    5 Jun 2009 ...Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, our Government is getting shovels in the ground and flowing money faster to ... - Cached - Similar

    15 Jun 2009 ...Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, our Government is getting shovels in the ground and flowing money faster to ... - Cached - Similar
  1. Hon. Helena Guergis, P.C., M.P. announces funding for the Township ...

    13 Jun 2009 ...Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, our Government is getting shovels in the ground and is flowing money faster to ... - Cached - Similar
  2. Other Stories

    Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Conservative government continues to play a valued role in global affairs. ... - Cached - Similar
  3. Troy DeSouza | Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca | Conservative Party of Canada

    There is momentum building toward victory for our Conservative team, nationally under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and right here at ... - Cached - Similar
  4. Speech From The Throne Outlines Government's Agenda For Better ...

    Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Government of Canada is pursuing a mandate based on five core priorities, including: ... - Cached - Similar
  5. blog2009: Yukon minister's resignation threatens to collapse ...

    "Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government, the North has finally come of age," he said. Posted by Arthur Caldicott on 01 Sep ... - Cached - Similar
  6. Canadian Heritage - The Role and Powers of the Canadian Crown Today

    22 Apr 2009 ... Governor General Michaëlle Jean with the newly installed 28th Canadian Ministry under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. ... - Cached - Similar
  7. Speech from the Throne: Protecting Canada's Future

    19 Nov 2008 ... Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Government of Canada will follow a five-pronged plan to protect Canada's economic ... - Cached - Similar
  8. Dominican Minister Prime Republic - Forums & Discussions

    "Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, our Government has moved... Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, New Zealand, Barbados, Dominican Republic, ... - Cached - Similar
  9. $1 Billion Green Infrastructure Fund Launch

    During these challenging economic times, the Government of Canada, under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is working with provinces, ... - Cached - Similar

Hey Harpo & co.! Fuck we get it already. Harpo is the Primo! But Christ Almighty, I believe this is what is commonly known as ad nauseum. Somebody, hey somebody please ... pretty please(?)... fuck'en make this stop!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Manitoba's NDP picks Selinger as new Premier

Hmm, ... the new face of Manitoba. What will the future bring?

Let's hope it is marked by progress - not retrenchment!

Friday, October 16, 2009

In Stephen Harper's world: even suicide is no way out

The Harper government has quietly nixed recommendations to expand and modernize Canada's access-to-information and privacy laws.

Our national politics getting you down? Is our federal government not living up to your expectations, here, here, and here? Are you not getting the information you need? Are ya feeling like it's all a sham? Are ya feeling pressured? Are things turning to shit? Is your ally your enemy? Do you see no way out? Desperation and despair setting in? Need to find a solution to your woes? Hmm, ... maybe this will cheer you up?

Did that help? D'ya feel better? No? Well have you been to your local library lately? Maybe they can help get you the information you need? Oopsie... apparently some of them can't!

"The Vancouver Public Library has told an Australian group that it can't use the library's public meeting rooms to hold a suicide workshop for the terminally ill.

'What we do at these gatherings is to, first of all, explain to people why we think it's a good idea to know how to kill yourself peacefully and reliably,' said Nitschke ... 'We provide people with the information they would need to be able to take that course, knowing it will succeed, that it won't fail, that they won't end up in a worse situation than the one they're currently in'."

[AGAIN- for emphasis] ... 'We provide people with the information they would need ... [so] that they won't end up in a worse situation than the one they're currently in.'


Friday, October 9, 2009

New Taser rules: Shoot for their Nuts!

Winnipeg police are being retrained in how to use stun guns after new guidelines were set down by the manufacturer, Taser International.

After years of denying that their product was causing unnecessary fatalities, it appears Taser International is tacitly admitting that maybe, just maybe, getting a jolt of electricity directly into one's heart might not be safe. (No e'ffn kidding!) As such, Winnipeg Police officers have been instructed to -- "to refrain from targeting the chest area, to avoid an impact on the heart."

About time!

Ironically, despite having issued new guidelines, Taser International, is still trying to maintain (with a straight face?) that their product has "never been directly blamed for a death." I call BULLSHIT!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

John Lennon must be spinning in his grave tonight!

"... as these things start to occur, raise yourselves erect and lift YOUR heads up, because YOUR deliverance is getting near." Luke 21:28

Um, umm... Jeezeeus! Stephen Harper singing a Beatles ditty with Yo-yo Ma at an 'elitist' gathering? Egad, I hardly know where to start.

Ahhh, ... [Christ, my head is spinning, I feel faint]... now he's telling us he "gets high with a little help from his Friends"! WTF? Jack, Gilles & Harpo are smoking doobies together!

Can someone please refresh my memory again: what exactly are the first signs of an apocalypse?

And could this be one of them?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Manitoba's Future? NDP leadership hopefuls on Crime

So today we got to hear all three NDP leadership hopefuls (Aston, Selinger, and Swan) on the CJOB morning show. Today's topic: What they would do differently regarding crime in Manitoba.

So what did we learn?

Swan (sounding nervous) says "keep building" and "get people involved". Asserts people need to "step up" and partake in community based Citizen Patrols so they can to be "eyes and ears" for police.

Wisdom nugget? Swan says there can be no "justice solution without the police".... err, um, no kidding!

Asked if we need more jails? Swan takes flight and proceeds to recount how (once) he went to a meeting while an intern for a Justice Minister - but he doesn't answer question. Instead he states that "upstream(?)" resources are needed. Thanks!

"What do you tell seniors?", Swan is asked. Well he tells us of a program called 'Safety Aid' that is available to our poorer seniors to help them install deadbolts... um, so his message is that 'barricading' oneself is a solution?

Then Swan tells us that the "biggest thing" people can do is to know their neighbours and call the police if they see untoward activity. And, just in case we were unclear, he tells one and all that people need to get police the info they need to make arrests, cause that "empowers people." Also, he chooses not to bite on the 'get tough on crime' issue. Overall, a marginal performance.

Ashton: Well, yes he would "do things differently" but he sounds jargon laden and wonky. Ashton's wisdom nugget? First we must make efforts to "identify crime"! Using Pt. Douglas as an example, he states the "key thing" is "to look at things that are working"! Wow, as if we should consider looking at programs that are not. "Eyes on the street" are all important, as gangs are "a bit like cockroaches" who don't like attention. Did ya' know he was responsible for bringing in taxi cameras and shields?

MB Housing... what would he do? Need to look at underlying causes - cites Boston - get kids working- "break the cycle" - "deal with some of the causes of crime"... again, no kidding. Overall, Ashton's performance was uninspiring.

Selinger: Asked if government has done enough to combat crime. "No," he says "we haven't." Good on him, some honesty at least.

A "sense of community" needed. Then just like Swan he uses the "more eyes and ears" analogy. Yet, he goes further than his two opponents and admits that when it comes to "violent crime" there should be "hard time". Perpetrators must face "consequences" so they know they "can't get away with it" and then he cites US evidence that proves training and opportunity must be provided to transgressors to break the cycle.

MB Housing- warehousing model is flawed. Selinger believes that under-investment in the recreation and social aspect of public housing throughout the 90's has much to do with present circumstances(?). Proactive programs are needed and the "reality" is "we need more" police- more community policing and foot-patrols. Overall, the best of the three.

As CJOB's Clouthier reminds us: one of these men will be our next Premier. On this one particular issue (crime) Selinger sounded the most credible.

Later, our esteemed MB PC wet-dream, Wee-Hughie, is interviewed. What does he have to say? Well in fairness, it was reasonable. And maybe, just maybe, he was making a play for some turf in the political-center?

He tells CJOB's Clouthier that he "shares the feeling(s)", the "sick feelings", that many of us are experiencing about the criminal element. It's "not the Winnipeg I grew up in" he tell us (was it Tuxedo or Charleswood? I always forget.) The NDP leadership hopefuls are "not wrong" he says; and a workable "gang strategy" involves "more police", a "higher profile for police", and "meaningful and measured consequences".

Societies way of "showing love" to offenders must include consequences. Asked what does present situation mean to 11 yr old gang members - - "short term" more police followed by immediate "measured and meaningful consequences". However, a "long term" view must also be taken, he says, but until then, in the short run, Manitoba's justice system needs all our support cause "everybody needs to take responsibility".
"Broader community empowerment" is needed.

What differentiates the PC's from the NDP? Well, Hughie says, the PC's would get serious and enforce bail conditions, but then he also added that "a lot of what is fueling criminal activities in our communities is drug addictions" and, as such, he he would commit to more rehab programs for prisoners to cut down on the cycle of substance abuse recidivism. Overall, and in fairness to Hughie (trust me - I do not say this lightly)... he did a pretty good job.

Don't know about you, but all of the speakers sounded as if they were on the same page. Not a lot of difference in their proscriptions. I was most disappointed with Swan and most surprised by Hughie. The ablest of the bunch seemed to be Selinger - he sounded the most like a Premier.

Then again, what do I know- I'm just another Fat Arse in a sea of cracks!