Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Going to Regina!

Goodness me!

There has been much lately on which I wished I had posted.

But Egad!

Where to begin?

With Iggy?
With Harpo?
With other ass clowns?

With the inane?
The stupid? Silly hatred?
Or with the simple and base utterly putrid?

On this?
On that?
On crap?
On shat?

Oh, where to begin?

Should I?
Could I?
Venture here?
Could I?
Should I ... aw, fuck it, I'm gonna go to Regina instead!

After all, nuthin' better to clear one's head than taking a trip to see a friend.

Who knows, maybe we'll even quaff a brew (or two?) and in an urban shit-hole to boot! (ha, ha, just joking, insert the smiley 'wink-wink-nod-nod just kidding' face here )

Anyway, ... Regina here I come!


  1. Hey FA, that's where I'm hiding right now too... if you happen to be around UofR and you see a lost-looking northerner running in circles around the lake, taking pictures of anything that moves (or doesn't), just use the secret handshake and I'll know who you are, buy you a cup of tea or something. Ha!Ha!

  2. Hey Rachel,

    Doing three days of research in the library at the Legislature - am there all day tomorrow 9am- 4pm. Will buy coffee if you happren to drop by. Just ask reference librarian where the chain smoking rotund man with a limp is hanging out - they will pint you in my direction.


  3. Drat, I'm in class from 9-4:30 every day. I'll see if I can sneak away for long enough at lunch time to find the legislature... looks like it's just down the water from here.

  4. I was there but you were gone,
    all but your crumbs and notes;
    So I went to the waterfront
    to see if a law text floats!

    (ps. Okay it rhymes, but it's neither truthful nor brilliant. I have the greatest respect for books, and would most certainly not try to float one.)

    (pps. Oh, no way, my word verification is boati. How weird is that?)