Saturday, July 25, 2009

Winnipeg Blue Bomber Coach - you sir are a putz!

Dear Winnipeg Blue Bomber Coach:

Mr. Kelly, heard you say tonight in the post game show that we must "Believe"? We must believe??? With respects sir - tonight I believe I paid too much to watch a desperate team with a horrific case of OLED (Offensive Line Erectile Dysfunction). It was a shameful and painful event to witness. Were it not for the D-Line I would have left at half-time. Jesus, tonight I spent more time booing my own team than quaffing ales - and that sir, just in case you are unsure, that is always a bad sign!

Christ, when the biggest cheers of the night are for the two drunken hammerhead losers who ran onto the field and then evaded Stadium Security by jumping over the 16 ft South barrier fence... well then you know you've got a problem. LeFors threw for just 30 yards Reid only ran for 32! At the end of the third quarter, Winnipeg had just two first downs and 73 net yards. Total offense for the night = SUCKAGE!

New system? New personnel? 'Everybody's gotta' believe'? Gimme a break you petulant arrogant fuck! You had a training camp to work these issues out. If I wanna see only eight first downs by the home team in an entire e'ffn game I go to my 10 year old son's flag football games in the spring. At least their offense has heart, their QB has an arm ... and, most importantly of all, the receiver's know how to run their routes. Tonight's travesty rests solely with the coaching. I do not blame all our boys on the O-line for this disaster... because clearly the coaching is inept.

A bloody disgraceful display! Mr. Kelly, thanks to you, my 10 year old turned to me tonight on the drive home & said quietly: "Dad, I'm not cheering for Winnipeg anymore. I don't wanna come to anymore games unless Montreal is here." Well done asshole - now he's a Montreal fan!

Coach Kelly you will find below the particulars of my Ticketmatster's account for tonight's game: trust you will contact me via email regarding a refund. After all, I was lured to the Winnipeg Stadium (yet again) under false pretenses - I was promised a game - not a Gong Show!

One Lone and disgusted Fat Arse

Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Toronto Argonauts
Canad Inns Stadium, Winnipeg, MB
07/24/09 - 06:30 PM

Charge Summary

Item Charge


ADULT Tickets
Total Convenience Charge(s)
CA $53.00 x 2
CA $4.75 x 2

Total Building Facility Charge(s)
CA $2.00 x 2
JYOUTH Tickets
Total Convenience Charge(s)
CA $17.00 x 2
CA $2.75 x 2

Total Building Facility Charge(s)
CA $2.00 x 2
(includes Order Processing Fee)
CA $5.50

CA $168.50

Billing Information

Customer Name Card Type Charge Last 4 Digits Billing Address
Fat Arse VISA CA $168.50 XXXX
101 Disgustville Dr.

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  1. I didn't like Mike Kelly because he was not letting us win more games, make the playoffs and possibly make the Grey Cup. The reasons were he cut off lot of player's deals during the pre-season, scared his fans and sponsors and some players had lots of crush on cheerleaders, Portuguese and Italian girls.

    BETTER LUCK IN 2010!!!