Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Post-Easter Resurrection: Fat Arse is Back!

Sometimes self-imposed prorogues are healthy(?)
Don't ask where I've been... it's enough to know that I am back.
Too bad I've returned to find our governing party still rife with the same hypocrisy we have all come to expect of the "open and accountable" charade that is Harpo & Co.


  1. We all need to recalibrate now and then. Glad you're back! I really thought I had quit for good, erased my blog...a lot of it had to do with no real alternative to Stevie, but that's just giving in.

    Slowing down, fewer posts, more general so I less pressure from any one party helped.

    Hard to keep up with all the garbage that's surfacing! Nice to see another writer on the job. :)

  2. ^ Yeah, what he said!

    Welcome back, FA.

  3. He's back, but is he in good form? Where is his illuminating poetry? Where is his sarcastic, meandering prose?

  4. And then the spam demons got him...