Sunday, April 5, 2009

Insanity, Duplicity, Canada, Cannon, Harpo, and Mental Illness

"Abousfian Abdelrazik, a Canadian citizen, poses so grave a threat to Canada that he can't come back, Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon said yesterday, abruptly reversing the government's written promise of an emergency one-way travel document less than two hours before his flight home was to depart from Khartoum" - Globe & Mail, April 4, 2009

The outcry against Harpo & co.'s indefensible machinations to deprive a Canadian citizen of his right of return is both justifiable and needed. Minister Cannon's latest actions should not go unchallenged.

As the Canadian Press reports regarding Mr. Abdelrazik's case:

"A recently published report suggests Canadian Security Intelligence Service operatives initially asked Sudanese authorities to arrest and detain him.

But investigators found no evidence to support alleged terrorist links and he was released without charge, only to be arrested and jailed a second time in October 2005.

Sudanese authorities have since released him. The RCMP and CSIS have acknowledged there is no information linking him to any crime.

Abdelrazik has been allowed to live inside the Canadian embassy in Khartoum for the last year, where he sleeps on a cot in the foyer."

Which begs the question, if Harpo & co. truly believe that Mr. Abdelrazik poses such a threat to our "national security" that he must barred from our "soil": then why do they allow him to take refuge on our de-facto "national soil" at our embassy in Sudan? After all, the principle that an embassy is an extension of a country's "national soil" is well established. So, presumably, if his return to Canada is now formally verboten, one would think it would apply to ALL our sovereign territory. Of course, under a government that seems to have created two different classifications of citizenship, why can't there now be two different (Tory inspired) classifications of what constitutes Canadian soil? Will the absurdities never end?

What's next? Two different classifications of rights in this country?

Minister Cannon and Harried-Harpo must bring this man home now. If they really have evidence that he is guilty of of any crime - then try in a Canadian court. If they do not, then they should stop insinuating, shut-up, do what's right: Stop playing politics with the life of a Canadian citizen and bring him home.

On a completely unrelated note; it was revealed this week that 46 per cent of Canadians believe that sometimes the label "mental illness" is applied to actions that give “people an excuse for poor behaviour and personal failings.” Don't know about you, but that sounds perilously like a majority to me? Who knows, if voters were to apply the same definition to the antics of the Tory's maybe it portends the possibility of an electoral upset?

Just keep up it Harpo. With all the cuckoo's in your Tory nest, it's only a matter of time before you find yourself sporting a new electoral straight-jacket. With luck, your oft absent conscience will soon return from its hiatus, haunt you, and drive you so batty that you'll find yourself not just invalidated, institutionalized, drooling and lobotomized; but, a la Nicholson, confined to a cot needing help (maybe from another "second class citizen"?) that frees you from the misery of your memories of how you mistreated Mr. Abdelrazik. Ah, justice.

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  1. "Will the absurdities never end?"


    I swear, they may as well have little recorders in their pockets and just push a play button rather than expend energy talking. Doesn't matter what comes out. I rarely try to make sense of the CONs words anymore. It's all dodge and blame, or boast and brag. If they ever speak the truth, it's likely accidental.

    Most politicians lie, but this bunch is ludicrous.

    I think Harper's on the way out, anyway. The papers speculate regularly on who is gunning for the job, and when they do that, the public gets it in their heads he's done for, so he may as well be. Makes it easier for the backstabbers to justify ousting him as well.

    The Mulroney ban that came up in the news again is a near fatal blow, I think.

    Glad to see the bastard go, but save us from a Harris man!