Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bill Clinton does Cdn taxpayer's orally!

Gracious me, talk about an engorged and erroneous stimulus?

According to CTV, the $175,000 price tag for former US President Bill Clinton's upcoming speech at Toronto's CNE will:

"... partially be covered by a portion of the Marquee Tourism Events program, a controversial federal stimulus fund that can deliver up to $3 million for a single event. [...] "A part of Clinton's fee is being paid for by taxpayers, and a part of it is being paid for by ticket purchasers. What a great use of stimulus money,' David Bednar, general manager of the CNE, told CTV News."

Jesus! Politics aside, when did Harpo & Co. announce the federal economic stimulus package was going to be used to feather the financial bed's of fabulously famous foreign multi-millionaires? Did I miss something in the budget?

Are we getting buggered on this deal... eer what?

Stimulus, my arse!

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  1. Bill's speech will inspire Canadians to buy condoms and cigars, thus providing a much needed boost to our retailers.