Friday, August 21, 2009

Harpo's World and Tourism: Talk about a disconnect!

[Atlantic OnLine, August 21, 2009]

Harpo: “Tourism is an increasingly important industry ... in every region of our country ...,” said the Prime Minister. “Our Economic Action Plan makes several major investments to strengthen this vital sector.”


Globe & Mail: "... June numbers showing that travel to Canada from the United States fell to its lowest level since Statistics Canada started tracking cross-border trips in 1972."

Hey Harpo - your lame ass Tory PR game is getting tired. So excuse me while I (yet again) blow more incredulous snot out my nose because of your empty tactics. Facts and figures not going your way? "Oh, don't worry," your minions say, "we'll just do a news release that pretends otherwise."

Jesus! Give us a break!

“Our Economic Action Plan makes several major investments to strengthen this vital sector”??

Sorry, can you say that again? It's the third week of August asshole!

“As Canadians, we must set aside our modesty and do all we can to sell the amazing tourist experiences that exist in our own backyard." Shouldn't you have been all over this file BEFORE the season began? Exactly how has YOUR government's Economic Action Plan helped so far? Did you coordinate a national 'sell' program with the provinces that we are unaware of? Did Tourism Canada really take the lead in trying to attract more US visitors here this summer? Well... (numbers to contrary) did it?

Evidence, please?

Please, give us some e'ffn evidence!


  1. Yup, it's all empty rhetoric. "An increasingly important industry" is the sort of sunny phrase Prime Minister Steve would apply to any sector of the economy, regardless of whether it fit with reality.

  2. @ Stimpson,

    Rhetoric is his aftershave - take last October. Just as the stock-market was going into the shitter and the recession was starting to hammer our manufacturing sector he tells us (via Mansbridge) that 'it was a good time to buy stocks'! Harpo is shameless.