Friday, November 5, 2010

Dear Premier, Our Premier, My Premier: DON'T FUCK THIS UP!

Sources say the price is more than $160 million and the stakeholders are now huddling to determine what comes next. The project will require extra money or the design could be altered to make the stadium fit the $115-million budget used to put together the existing funding package.

Dearest Greg,

Oops, where are my manners? May I call you Greg? No? Am I being too personal? Really? If so, I apologize... err... (ahem) let us start again.

Dear Mr. Premier,
(The same one who promised all Manitoban's we would only be on the hook for no more than $90 MILLION of our hard earned tax dollars to fund yet another Asper vanity project... i.e. a new Winnipeg Football stadium),

Must say sir, I was quite disheartened to read the this news. Forget about the insipid calculated timing of the release of this story mere days after our recent civic election... how odd? Wow, what a coincidence? I mean who knew this was in the pipe? Did you? Did Katz? Did Asper? I bet one of you "True Blue" knew? But as that fat corrupt mafia guy on TV used to say: "fogetta-bout-it". Who-knew-what-when-was-convenient-for-them is not my point here.

My point here, and what is bothering me, is that I fear you, our Premier, my Premier, our Dear Premier, are about to break our trust. I fear that you, our Premier, my Premier, our Dear Premier, may soon succumb to the most debilitating Manitoba political disease of all ... aka: "The AKA's" ("The Asper-Katz Appeasement Syndrome").

I fear that even now this affliction, the "AKA's", may be taking hold of your person and senses and causing you, my Dear Premier, to lose your bearings, good judgment, and moral compass. Please, my Premier, our Premier, ... our Dear Premier, ... please say it isn't so! Please confirm for us that you are healthy. Please confirm, in no uncertain terms, that you are not afflicted. Please confirm you are immune to the "AKA's" by announcing that you refuse, ABSOLUTELY REFUSE, to enter into any further discussions regarding a rejigged/re-vamped funding agreement with either of these these boldfaced opportunists.

You made a deal with Asper... a deal is a deal. Cost overruns are his responsibility. Further, it is his responsibility to deliver the product originally promised (amenities and all). Anything less is a deal breaker. Surely, my Premier, our Premier, my Dear Premier, you don't want to be seen as one who breaks either deals, or the trust of the people - certainly not at this juncture. Not when so much is riding on your integrity. So, my Premier, our Premier, our Dear Premier: NOT ONE MORE RED CENT for the AKA's! Not now, not ever - - A deal is a deal!


  1. Agreed. There are other causes that should be well ahead of this in terms of priority for public funds: education, neighbourhood recreational facilities, developing Winnipeg as a scientific research/R & D hub, etc.

  2. Sorry dude. He's going to bail the project out.