Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hey Riders! Remember, math is for winners!

"It's hard to imagine not being able to count." Err, unless you're a Saskatchewan Roughrider. Not only can they imagine it - - it haunts them still! For they learned the hard way last year that there's a price to be paid "If you can't count it, [cause] then you don't know how many you've had, how many you've got, or [most importantly] how many you need."

So recognizing that "the ability to count is a culturally learned skill" here's hoping Regina's locker room culture has beat into, driven home, and drilled into the minds of every member of the Green Machine one simple fact: All will be forgiven if only they can remember that a gridiron is no place for a baker's dozen!

As the Globe & Mail has noted, today's Grey Cup gives the Rider's a "chance to quell the bitter bile that rises in their throats when they think back" on one of the biggest boneheaded plays in football history. Here's wishing them the best of luck!


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