Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Farce - Winnipeg Style!

Hey Winnipeg, wanna a new football stadium? Here's the price: make the decision quick, don't reflect, don't question, and make sure Mayor Sam gets to go on his Arizona XMAS holiday and newlywed fuck-fest on time!

"The deal must be signed Wednesday to ensure the construction costs are locked in at $190 million, Mayor Sam Katz told reporters Monday after a closed-door council seminar."

Whatever the merits of the existing proposal (and they are sparse at best) we, the taxpayers, do not deserve to be treated in such dismissive fashion.

THIS IS A $200 MILLION DOLLAR EXPENDITURE - surely to fucking Christ we taxpayers deserve more than 48 hours to weigh its merits! But no, as sheep we will follow... travesty!

A Special P.S. to Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger --- BTW, MY Premier, OUR Premier, OUR DEAR Premier ... in case you're interested, there's only one politician's future and one politician's asshole that's in danger of being irrevocably burned at the proverbial electoral stake here - YOURS!

re: "the non-profit Winnipeg Football Club must repay the province $85 million over 40 years"!!! Are you fucking kidding me?

Where's the accountability here? My 12 year son will be 52! I will be dead, you will be probably be dead, and (if there is a God?) Katz will have mercifully expired in Arizona ... and the loan will not have been re-payed! Well done you idiot! Guess there's nothing like giving that one-note-uber-simpleton Wee-Hughie an unnecessary edge.

Jesus! Even a supporter like me can see this deal is indefensible. All the weasel words in the world, and all the Rastafarian-inspired-smoking-"tax-pay-back-schemes" in a bong can't hide the fact that this is almost an entirely financed PROVINCIALLY FUNDED SCHEME!

Egad! What a mess... S'cuze me ... I gotta go upchuck now.

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  1. In the State of the Province address, Selinger indicated that if the football club can't pay it will be taken over by an accounting firm. You gotta wonder what assets they will have. The province will end up with the stadium and the debt anyways.