Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stephen Harper is still in Contempt this #elxn41

I believe election campaigns should be fought on the issues. I believe that during an election campaign all our political leaders are obligated to engage Canada's electorate. I believe that leaders who are asking for our vote are duty bound to honestly tell us where they plan to take our country.

I believe any political leader who consciously tries to downplay and/or avoid the scrutiny of voters during an election campaign is doing democracy a disservice. Moreover, I believe any leader who attempts to limit public access to his events during a campaign is in contempt of our electoral process and, in effect, thumbing his nose at us.

I believe Stephen Harper's "one-trick pony" fear-mongering coalition message has become tiresome. I also believe he has intentionally avoided giving Canadian voters the straight goods on his party's long-term fiscal plans for our country. I believe his unending efforts to try to frighten we voters into giving him a majority- or else - once again demonstrates his utter contempt for both his opponents and our political system. I believe Stephen Harper is unworthy of a parliamentary majority. And I firmly believe it is in Canada's best interests if we hand he and his party a defeat on May 2nd.


  1. Harper would make a great cult leader. The thought of him with a majority, is frightening!!

  2. I believe that you that you get it sadly I also believe that too many don't

  3. CBC is stating that NDP can potentially grab dozens of seats in Quebec if they flop from the Bloc.

    They would at least be official oposition.
    Could you imagine?