Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yellowstain Harper: A liar worthy of Contempt!

Harper will try to tell you his government fell on a budget that was never debated. He will try to tell you that there is a conspiracy afoot to unseat him. He will try to tell you that Jets, Jails, & corporate tax cuts are what you need. He will tell you, after challenging his main opponent to a 1:1 debate, that he's yellowstaining it because that “train has left the station”. He will tell you he knew nothing of his top political adviser's criminal past. He will tell you he knows nothing of why his Conservative campaign is doing background checks on attendees and forcibly removing some of them from his appearances. He will tell you his plan to keep the $6BILLION in Canadian Corporate tax cuts are good for you and your family. He, in short, will tell you anything! AND he will be lying! It's all lies... Stephen "Yellowstain" Harper is quite simply a LIAR! Proof? See here:

Corporate tax cuts don't spur growth, analysis reveals as election pledges fly

Already deemed to be in CONTEMPT of our democracy by the MAJORITY of our duly elected parliamentarians, Stephen Harper has no shame, he simply continues his streak... he is, quite simply, a contemptuous LIAR!

[photo courtesy of Globe & Mail]


  1. Harper had to know about that guy and his past. They were joined at the hip.

  2. We don't need more jails. The last thing we want to do is copy what America has done. However, I am all for building up our military.