Saturday, October 17, 2009

Manitoba's NDP picks Selinger as new Premier

Hmm, ... the new face of Manitoba. What will the future bring?

Let's hope it is marked by progress - not retrenchment!


  1. Dang ... I had stocked up on emergency supplies in case Ashton won: a gas generator, 600 days of water, 1200 cans of beans, a Glock 45 with 240 rounds of ammo, and I installed a ram bar on the front of my car and had a bullet proof helmet made just in case. I guess I won't need any of that stuff now since the demise of our society is no longer imminent. That's Ok though .. better safe than sorry. Does anybody want some beans?

  2. Ha,ha,

    You sound like Charlton Heston's character in "The Omega Man" - good thing you'll need not employ the Glock! As for the beans, you might as well divide them up and donate them to the three federal parties (PC, Lib, & NDP) as all could use a little more fiber!

  3. I prefer the idea of taking the cans of beans out into a field and shooting them with my Glock. However, I may hang on to them just in case Selinger accidentally destroys the province.