Thursday, October 29, 2009

H1N1 Update: Your PC Goverment at its finest?


"The federal government is advising all provinces, including Manitoba, that there will be significantly less vaccine delivered than had been anticipated in the weeks ahead."

Anyone remember this?

October 21, 2009 - HEALTH CANADA NEWS RELEASE -Health Canada Approves Pandemic H1N1 Flu Vaccine for Canadians

Minister of Health Leona Aglukkaq today announced that Health Canada has approved AREPANRIX, a vaccine against the pandemic H1N1 flu virus.... the adjuvanted vaccine has been judged safe and effective.... "This is a milestone in our efforts to fight the pandemic H1N1 flu virus," said Minister Aglukkaq. "Thanks to careful planning we now have a safe and effective vaccine being distributed to provinces and territories that they will be rolling out in a matter of days. I encourage all Canadians to get vaccinated because it is the best way to protect our health and the health of our loved ones."


"Canada is in the enviable position to be able to offer vaccine to every citizen who needs and wants it," said Canada's Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. David Butler-Jones...."

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper: national pandemic preparedness is a joke!


  1. I blame it on Dion!

    To be fair, I am sure there are many things in the vaccine production pipeline that are out of the control of the government. Personally I am quite impressed with how fast the vaccine got out -- not that Harper necessarily deserves the credit for that.

  2. I live in a rural area where our closest CLSC (clinic) is about a 20-25 km drive. So what does the government decide for the flu clinics? All the seniors should schlep to Chateauguay, which is a 50 km drive. Is there a reason that they can't give the H1N1 shot at the same clinic that the regular flu shot is given. I worry about morons being in charge of important stuff!