Friday, October 9, 2009

New Taser rules: Shoot for their Nuts!

Winnipeg police are being retrained in how to use stun guns after new guidelines were set down by the manufacturer, Taser International.

After years of denying that their product was causing unnecessary fatalities, it appears Taser International is tacitly admitting that maybe, just maybe, getting a jolt of electricity directly into one's heart might not be safe. (No e'ffn kidding!) As such, Winnipeg Police officers have been instructed to -- "to refrain from targeting the chest area, to avoid an impact on the heart."

About time!

Ironically, despite having issued new guidelines, Taser International, is still trying to maintain (with a straight face?) that their product has "never been directly blamed for a death." I call BULLSHIT!


  1. Call it Bullshit , but its true. Tasers have never been cited as the primary cause of death.

    a jolt of electricity directly into one's heart might not be safe.

    uhmmm, you never get a jolt directly into the heart ( calm the hyperbole ). Training always directed officers to fire the Taser at the upper body because the success rate of having a positive point of contact was critical. Secondly, in order for the weapon to be effective, the darts have to be a certain distance apart. Only the upper body provided a good target for that to happen.

    Perhaps Taser will now design a one dart system similar to their XREP product which fits into their handheld gun.

    Tasers have been fired well over 100,000 times, even if you attribute all deaths ( 400 ) to the weapon, its is 99.999 % safe.

    This weapon has been the best product for police safety and will continue to evolve. How police use it is another matter all together.

  2. im with ya dobbin