Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Global Warming?

Could not have said this better myself:

"The truth is that climate change is occurring and the planet's oceans and atmosphere is warming. We have ruled out temperature increases as a result of solar cycles, natural cycles, CO2 in the oceans, evil scientists, etc.. Fat people aren't causing it. Cow farts aren't causing it. Water vapor (i.e., clouds) isn't causing it. Volcanoes aren't causing it. The "hot air" from Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and their fellow travelers isn't causing it.

What's left: increases in greenhouse gases caused by human activity such as carbon emissions from burning coal and oil for energy.

And that my friends is a bigger news story than any other story with which our planet's news media is obsessed at the moment."


  1. I agree with most of this, though I'd like to see a bit more on the cow fart issue (clicking through the links, one comes to an article in the Telegraph, which often carries articles that border on climate change denial).

  2. Sounds like it's a pretty specific set of circumstances where cows are not bad for the environment. Can;t we just genetically engineer cows that fart less?

  3. @Nitroglycol -the "cow fart issue" is also certainly a ephemeral and gassy mystery to me when it comes to it's overall impact on warming.

    @Chenekov - I believe that while we are trying to genetically engineer "cows to fart less" - we should also look into how we might make our pol's bullshit less!