Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good Morning My Dear Premier - Happy 2011!

So my Premier, OUR Premier, OUR DEAR Premier,

Were you up all night,
blasted out of your tree
throwing darts
at pics
of Wee-Hughie?

Or were you,
dream fighting
PC demons
in your personal hell;
fearing you couldn't
answer the bell?

Well I hope you slept
cause 2011 is here,
and you need be
in fighting shape
in this,
OUR election year

(ohhh, how exciting!)

Okay, DEAR Premier,
on this frigid morn'
take a look in the mirror
one that isn't forlorn.

A good look I say
this cold New Year's Day
time to take stock
of what you have to say

Hey MY Premier
don't turn away
you need to do this
to do it today!

See those eyes,
see that brow?
you tell me HOW ...

HOW on earth
are you gonna win
if ya don't get yourself
some better spin?

The time is nigh,
the time is here
Makeover! Makeover!
And greet the New Year!


  1. Bad poetry, good idea.

    Don't be so hard on the guy. He's doing his bit.

    Would help immensely if certain communications types pulled up their socks...right up to their foreheads and stay that way until November.

  2. @Uncle Joe,

    "Bad Poetry" point taken - yet further proof that a two-four of Lab Blue does not a bard make!

    I am really not wishing to be "hard on the guy" - but his handlers have gotta find a new way, a new narrative, that promotes this government's achievements without lowering themselves to one-note Wee-Hughie's level of discourse. And on that count - they are failing.

  3. It would be nice too if we didn't know what a crook Selinger really is.Face it we don't have anyone to vote for in this province. They are all badly flawed. My firstborn for a viable liberal party!

  4. "Crook"? How? While I may be critical of Mr. Selinger and his current lack of appropriate "branding" - I do not believe that he is (in anyway, shape, or form) a "crook". What I do believe is, he is being poorly managed and needs to improve his electoral appeal. As for trading one's "first born" for a viable Liberal Party - people did that for old Bobby Bend in 1969... look where that got them?