Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shuffling a Bad Deck - Harpo promotes two Elderly Parrots

Say what you will about Primo Harpo and his new cabinet shuffle - one thing's for sure - you can't accuse the man of either ageism or anti-birdism!

At 67 and 68 respectively, Peter Kent and Julia Fantino are just what the PC doctor ordered: Parrots-par-excellence from the right area code who appeal to an older, crochety, malleable demographic that is essential to Harpo & Co.'s fortunes if they hope to secure a majority.

Between them, these two Yes-Men have probably had so many prostate exams that they will hardly notice when the dark hand of the PMO inserts itself into the appropriate orifice and makes them speak bullshit to the populous.

If a deck of cards is rotten, fixed, and skewed from the beginning no amount of shuffling will ever change it's marked colours. Nice try Harpo - "onward and downward" as usual.

[n.b. Clarification - I have nothing against the beautiful birds pictured above. But I do hold against aper's, mimic's, Yes-Men, and parroting arseholes!]

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