Sunday, May 24, 2009

MP Rod Bruinooge & Ezra Levant: Amigos Forever

So this is what a mutual admiration society looks like?

The next time we voters in Winnipeg South are at the ballot box, we should be mindful that: "there’s truth to the adage that we are known by the company we keep."

And then, we should vote accordingly!


  1. Yes. And Mr. Bruinooge will be re-elected by even a bigger majority than last time. You just don't get it. The people and families of Winnipeg South love Rod Bruinooge.

  2. Ooh, I'm glad Mr. Bruinooge is keeping himself busy, now that he's graduated from spamming the Yukon with propaganda flyers. I hope they both washed their hands before shaking; it would be a terrible shame to see a touch of swine flu send the two of them to bed.

    But now, oh my, it seems Bev Oda is doing the honour of spending taxpayer dollars sending guinea-pig cage liners to the Yukon. Her zealotry is beyond even that of Mr. Bruinooge. I received four, oh my goodness, four of these pieces of printed trash in the past two weeks. And such lovely slogans they have on them.

    "Prepared. Protected." This sounds like a condom ad. Hmm... Maybe they are finally getting some common sense. The Canuck flag on it kinda spoils the effect, though.

    "The Wilsons. Retired. Saving for our dream-trip." Okay, the people in this picture sure as heck aren't northerners. Maybe the Cons could do up some custom flyers that actually represent their target audience?

    "Protecting Canada's economy... to protect his future." Picture of a dad and babe on this one. Okay.... and just how exactly are you doing that, Ms. Oda? I sure hope that isn't one of the many thousands of homeless kids in Canada. Oh, surely not. We don't want anyone to think too hard about them.

    "Helping Canadian families." This one brags about the hundred dollars a month the Cons send to people with kids under age six, to help (in theory) with child care costs. Oh wait, child care costs simultaneously went up, because they cut daycare program funding. Oh yeah, and the fine print: this hundred bucks is taxable, though the friendly flyer says they're going to give single parent families a break on that now. When was the last time anyone saw a daycare seat go for anywhere near a hundred bucks a month??

    Oh my my, this was just meant to be a short comment. I'm getting totally out of control now. Gotta go, bye...!