Saturday, May 16, 2009

To Dream the Impossible Dream... NOT!

Oh oh, here we go!

Can't wait for our local media here in Winnipeg to start going nuts over the implications of this canard:

"NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman told officials with Phoenix Coyotes that the NHL would consider moving the team to Winnipeg but not Hamilton, court filings show."

Now before the "Bring Back the Jets" movement gets all hot and bothered over this faux hope, let's all take a deep breath and reflect. We should know better. After all, anything that comes out of the that bastard Bettman's mouth in this regard can be, and is, only bullshit. After all, this is the same smug boardroom tyrant who facilitated the loss of our beloved Jets in the first place.

Don't believe a word of it people - a ploy is a ploy, is a ploy!

Let's not waste any of our time cheering for what we won't, and will never get back. Instead, let's cheer for what we do have ...



  1. I smell a rally at Portage and Main

  2. Living nearby in Regina, I would endorse Winnipeg getting a hockey team (since your football team is so wanting)... that aside, NHL in the Peg sounds good to me! ONE MINOR POINT .. for gawds sakes don't call them 'The Jets' again. I think that 'The Winnipeg Coyotes' sounds great!

  3. @ Average City
    If there's another "rally" for another losing cause in our fair city I will puke! Unless of course they are rallying to demand greater logic at City Hall!

    It's not that I don't want to see the NHL back here- it's just that it's not gonna happen. As for a name, well if I had my druthers it would be "The Winnipeg Wolfs"! We got both coyote & wolf in this province and having trapped and hunted both - the wolf is a tougher beast. You always want the tougher beast on the ice!

  4. @ Leftdog- Too much Java this morn - course I meant "WOLVES"!

  5. Actually FA ... I kinda LIKE the sound of 'The Winnipeg Wolves'! It has a good ring to it. Nice! ;)

  6. @Leftdog,

    Yeah, I do to. Now some will say Minnesota already has claims to said moniker - but theirs are strictly timber - ours are also sub-arctic. Furthermore, their is no chance of confusion after all, as you well know, the CFL operated for years with two teams with similar names. But when I was cheering for Tony Gabriel's (and Tommy Clement's) "Roughriders" in 1976 to kick Sasks' ass in the Grey Cup - I was not at all confused by the fact they both had the same name :)

  7. OUCH! ... many of us have not yet recovered from 1976 ... Touche!

  8. Believing the Moose are some sort of consolation for losing the Jets is pathetic and anyone who was alive in 1996 doesn't really like the Moose or wish them well. The MTS Centre wasn't built for the Moose, it was built for an NHL team and I believe that after the swindling of the Jets to Phoenix in 96, Winnipeg ought to be the first Canadian city to regain a team (whether expansion or not).

  9. @FA Yeah, my tongue was firmly planted about that rally.

  10. @ Dylan,

    With respects, as somebody who has been "alive" since the early 60s, I do not believe the Moose are a "consolation prize". An avid fan of the old Jets I am just being realistic.

    Having attended 400-500 games over a 17 year period at the old Arena, I enjoyed every minute of it. But then, it died. So I keep those memories, I keep those feelings, I keep those things dear. I will never forget the joy; but to say the Moose are a "consolation"?

    Have you ever watched the eyes of your two sons light up at Moose games. Have you ever watched them both get so excited to play on "Moose" ice between periods (courtsey of MB Minor Hockey) that one of them actually pisses his pants in glee? To them, (die-hard fans both with no agendas) this is not a "consolation" - this is THEIR TEAM! To them Moose players like mike Keane are selfless heroes who give it their all to carve out wins. To them, these fans, their Moose players are gods. So, for them (my sons) I will not bear false witness to a false promise that will denigrate their love of the game.

    The Jets are gone - R.I.P.

    Were I in Brandon, I would gladly encourage my boys to support the Wheaties, were I in... (well, hopefully, you get the point)

    I do not regale my children with tales of the old Jets, I regale them with achievements of those they can see and know now. "Consolation" my ass! It may not be the NHL, but the quality of hockey I have witnessed this past season at the MTS Center has me convinced that these guys could have competed for a playoff spot (albeit 8th) in this season's quest for Lord Stanley's Cup.

    Guess, in your world, that makes me "pathetic"! BTW, I have Moose tickets this weekend- see you are from Calgary - how those Flames doing?

  11. I took a visiting delegation of Chinese engineers to a Moose game - we rented a luxury box and you should have seen their faces! They had never been to a game before and were blown away. They were on a cross Canada tour, and on their last day, at the debriefing, they said without a doubt, the highlight of the entire trip was the Moose game.

  12. @ Average City,

    Jesus Avg. City! Do you realize what you've done! You've exposed a segment of the influential professional elite from China to our sport! Privileged and influential, there is now every chance (Egad) that they are this minute petitioning Peking (err.. Begieng?) to create an elite national Hockey team. With our luck, the Politburo will approve the programme and, by 2022, they'll kicking our ass at the Olympics ;)