Sunday, November 29, 2009

Grey Cup 2009- A Baker's Dozen equals Defeat


“There were 13 men on the field, ... a lack of communication ... It’s just totally 100-per-cent disappointment. ... a disappointment that will be with our football team for their lifetimes.” Ken Miller - Head Coach, Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Really? NO SHIT! And, but for presence of one functional abacus on the sidelines, it needn't have ended the sad way it did. Pity.

Dear Saskatchewan Roughriders,

Thanks for the effort, you played a helluva game ... too bad it all came down to one simple fact - in the CFL the fielding of a Baker's Dozen is a big no-no.

Better luck next year guys!

And as for the Rider coaching staff, sheesh! I mean c'mon! Hope you all bone up on your math skills during what is, surely, going to be a very long off-season.


Fat Arse

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