Friday, November 13, 2009

Manitoba MP Shelly Glover: Nothing to see here kiddies, just stay to the right

[Above: MP Shelly Glover doggedly sticks to her message that: "In PM Harpo's world, staying to the right is always the right choice."]

Does the Tory branding exercise know no shame?
Judge for yourself, read this:

St. Boniface Tory MP Shelly Glover recently offered Louis Riel students free water bottles, but trustees turned Glover down when they learned that the bottles would bear the Conservatives' logo.

"The bottles were personalized and had her name and the Conservative logo," Louis Riel school board chairwoman Marilyn Seguire said Thursday. ....

Seguire said that it was not clear how many water bottles Glover was offering, or how they would promote students' interest in French immersion.

.... Glover said she offered the water bottles as a way to congratulate students doing well in French immersion and as an incentive that would be available to other students if they did better in their French immersion courses.

"I went to a French immersion program. When I was in French immersion, we had incentives to speak French in the hallways," Glover said.

But when Glover was told that the school board had turned down the water bottles because they bore the Conseravtive[sic] logo, she said, "I know where you're going with this," and said she would have to gather more information before commenting further.

Don't know about you, I can hardly wait for the rationale she's going to pull out of her arse to justify this one. However, I doubt she will admit the truth; ergo, that it is part of the wider Tory plan to "get 'em young and get 'em early"

Update: Too funny. Just checked site-meter, in the 1/2 hour since the this post went up, it appears that at least one group has noticed it! Again, too funny. What do they care what a blogger thinks?

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  1. Sometimes I can't help but wonder if Shelly Glover privately wishes that she could just hit CTRL Z and go back to her life before politics.

    First there were her surprisingly candid remarks about the mean-spiritedness of Parliament without naming any party in particular, which almost came across as a diplomatic way of saying, "I wish I had nothing to do with any of these people."

    Now there's the water bottle incident (Water-bottle-gate?) which might have been a promotional effort gone wrong, or simply one of many gaffes made by MPs with no previous political experience.

  2. @Vfr7,

    Glover's modus operandi seems to be entirely predicated on the fact that she 'knows better' and that apologizing by simply admitting an error in judgment is a sign of weakness. It's her law enforcement background that is to blame. She doesn't realize that, unlike her career in the WPS, she is not dealing with 'perps' every time she is criticized - she is dealing with voters. further, she fails to see that an admission of a shortcoming (here and there) and a willingness to work towards a consensus on the issues is actually a virtue in politics!