Sunday, November 8, 2009

This Is What a Failure Looks Like

12-17-09 - Update on the original post below. Go figure?

Winnipeg Blue Bombers 2009 season record:

7 wins - 11 loses

Need we say more?


  1. yes perhaps we need to say more. All those losers that left the game before the end missed a chance to congratulate the team for their efforts.

    Sure, you may have a beef with the coach or that other dumbass lyle, but , don't take it out on the players.

    If you wanted to complain, you should have boycotted the game. The minute you bought the ticket, you should have supported your team till the end. WIN or LOSE. This was the final game afterall. Leaving the stadium only shows how petty and tacky mostof the supposed blue bomber fans are. And I actually thought they'd invest in a stadium, lol, fckem, they deserve to stay in that shithole of a stadium that the board has allowed to crumble away.

  2. Am I a prick for enjoying seeing Kelly fail so miserably after all that obnoxiousness and cocksure bullshit? I feel bad for Terence Edwards and all the other players who deserved better, but Kelly gets not a drop of my sympathy.