Monday, November 23, 2009

Pundit Dung of the 1st order: Andrew Coyne's intentional obfuscation of the issue at hand.

So I read this Coyne piece. I upchucked and then recoiled. His pro-Tory agenda is clearly on display. His goal, seemingly, is to deflect our attention from Harpo's &Co's responsibility for its role in the ongoing torture of Afghan detainees.

What Coyne fails to understand with the publication of his column is that we have an absolute right to know the truth about our present elected government's conduct on this file. All Coyne's article does is play unaccountable politics with a very serious issue. All he does is try to interject crass partisanship crap into the debate. Shame on him. Below is my stated objection to his tactics:


Pundit dung of the first order sir.
Truth be told I have come to expect more than shoddy, lazy, and such obviously pro-PC partisan analysis from you. Sadly, you seem to be intent on obfuscating the issue at hand.

Really sir, it is not the historical paternity tale of our Afghan Detainee Policy (ADP) that is germane at this point, it is the current Government of Canada's inability to straightforwardly address the known issues of abuse. Our current government's shameful effort to censure and attack those who would speak truth to power can not go unchallenged. Our current government's absolute failure to be transparent on this issue must be challenged.

I care not what stripe our government of the day wears (PC Blue or Lib Red) it's irrelevant. Fact is, the government of the day, the government TODAY, owes us all an explanation. Do they, in OUR name, as OUR government participate in and/or condone and abet illegal war practices that any reasonable Canadian would deem inhumane treatment? Did they, do they, support policies that knowingly lead to the torture other human beings? It's a simple questions that deserves an honest answer. What Paul Martin did in 2005 is, of course, important. More importantly, however, now that more facts are known, is WHAT IS STEPHEN HARPER HAS (OR HAS NOT) DONE to live up to our international legal obligations NOT TO TORTURE HUMAN BEINGS?"

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  1. Coyne's blather is just an attempt at diversion. "Look! The Liberals set the whole thing in motion!"

    Like you, I care not one whit about which party can be blamed in what way. I just care about getting some honest answers. And I don't have high hopes of that happening soon.