Thursday, February 12, 2009

On Truth, Trust and Integrity

So when did it become de riguer in our daily lives that we could no longer trust in those who tell us 'truthfully' what they will and won't do? Can't remember for sure, but I think it has a lot to do with the ascension to power of this guy.

Sadly, that 'truth' offered up to us by our leaders, our bosses, and ... all too often, our erstwhile friends, rings false. It wasn't always this way. Once upon a time men stood by their words and meant what they said. Sadly, in this country, this has become rarer than gold.

I mean, if this guy can't stop lying, and this guy can't find the truth and this guy just ducks... what does that leave you with? Your friends? Apparently, even that is a fleeting proposition. In today's world trust is a waning concept. No one seems willing to live up to their promises. No one will commit. And all the 'no one's' do when caught lying is to obfuscate the truth as they try to rationalize why they have broken their word.

Is the telling of truth passe? No, of course not. It just that, some day's, it is at a premium. In an ideal world no one would lie about their motives or pretend their word was not their word!

'No one's' all profess to speak truth. But then so again did Stalin. For them, integrity is just a another word. With no meaning beyond it's sound.

You see, once a 'no one' pledges to do something, and then chooses not to, they always rationalize their failure to honour their word by citing 'changing circumstances', unforeseen imperatives, faux grievance - or just plain expediency. And in their hands, truth and honesty are cheapened. Debased all. In short, the concepts for these people become little more than twisted phrasings - the arsenals of cowards who don't, can't and never will live up to their word.


Now, this brings me to Smart Arse. Regrettably we have parted ways. I posted a good bye on Two Ripping Arseholes - but he has taken it down. Now he is accusing me of plagiarism. Oh well. I will not deny that he did have some input on some of the posts published under We Two Arseholes. Good at finding pictures, good at correcting my horrible punctuation and able to offer the occasional turn of phrase - he was important to the process. But of all the posts I moved to this site I can say honestly that the genesis of the ideas were originally mine; save "Debbie Does Taxidermy" which I rightfully should have left on TWA . That idea was truly his; I just typed it. But the fact remains, I carried the heavy water on the other posts. I originally drafted them, re-drafted them, and after sometimes consulting with Smart Arse, I posted them.

I stand by them.

When we decided last November to collaborate on a blog, Smart Arse wanted me to create a new identity for us. Which I did on my computer - ergo Two Ripping Arseholes. After a while it became apparent that Smart Arse was overly worried about 'branding' and 'identity' and the kind of comments I wished to post on other blogs. He didn't want me posting some observations as 'Fat Arse' because he felt it endangered our "image". Thus, I created 1Eyedpecker to serve as an outlet for posts he felt did not reflect his 'vision' of TWA. Also, it allowed me to comment on other people's blogs without having to listen to him say I was 'tainting' the Arsehole's good name. At any rate, I will let others judge if I am guilty (as Smart Arse asserts) of 'schizophrenia' or not.

In the end, people can judge for themselves the merits of Smart Arse's accusations. But by allowing his churlish, petulant and largely baseless comments to remain on this site I think it is self-evident that I am at peace with my decision. One things for sure, he would never let such vitriolic comments appear on (what is now) his site - TWA. He would remove them and, just like a WRHA security tape, deny their very existence. I am choosing not to do that. I'll let the readers see his remarks and judge for themselves who has broken trust. I know I didn't... all I wanted to do was criticize the Doer government.


  1. "I can say honestly that the genesis of the ideas were originally mine; save "Debbie Does Taxidermy" which I rightfully should have left on TWA - that idea was truly his - I just typed it. But the fact remains, I carried the heavy water on the other posts."

    Hey, if it makes your damaged ego feel better by making this statement, which is at best a gross oversimplification and at worst an outright lie, good for you.

    The truth is that the majority of our posts were the result of a fruitful collaboration between two genuine arseholes. You actions here are but a repudiation of that collaboration and we both will suffer from it.

    That's honesty.

  2. Well, it's good to know I have at least one reader. But, with respects, I beg to differ with both the comment and its ensuing insinuation.

    Guess he can't let this go and move forward.

    Too bad - divorces are hard on everybody.

    I'll keep posting his comments, but probably the best thing is for him to let his future work speak for itself. For my part, I am going to go after Doer for his lack of integrity on the Health file. Not sure what the other guy is gonna do? Blindly defend him? Or, conversely, go out of his way to be 'seen' as attacking Doer's "Third Way' approach to governance - which would be a refreshing change. Especially since, honest to god, that was 'our' position months ago. But with the current WRHA scandal that all seems to have changed. Pity.

  3. Multiple identities, forged bloggery, divorces and insinuations! Ah, the drama... It's sure to appeal to at least a reader or two!

  4. I don't believe in tailoring responses (except word choice so as not to offend those who don't want cursing on their blogs). When I think someone is doing that, I can't be bothered to read their work anymore 'cause you can't tell which persona they are choosing to project. No patience with that crap.

    Anyway, as you both have separate blogs, we will now all see which arsehole is responsible for what shit. :)


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