Thursday, February 12, 2009

Voters:Call Him Irresponsible

[as originally posted 11/29/08 on my formerly free thinking blog ]

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Voters: Call Him Irresponsible!

(Harper muttering: "I'll show them I deserved a majority.")

Harper: you reckless, reckless man.

Queue song:

Call him irresponsible
Call him unreliable
Throw in ideological too

Do his childish antics bore you?
Well he's not so clever
He, ... he just abhors you

Call him unpredictable
Tell him he's impractical
Tory Rainbows aren't for you

Call him irresponsible
Yes he's unreliable
And it's undeniable... ego-maniacal too!

And it's undeniably true
That voter's, he's irresponsibly mad at you
Call him super-ridiculous
Call him Mr. Pricky-ness too

Call him unpredictable
Tell him he's intractable
Tory rainbows not for you

Go ahead,
Call him irresponsible
Yes, he's unreliable
But its undeniably true
He's irresponsibly mad at you

You know it's true,

Oh baby, it's true.....

He's just irresponsibly mad at you

[** With thanks to M. Buble's arrangement and phrasing of "Call Me"]


Rowell said...

Cool, can you get Buble to cut the single? It could serve as the background music when Parliament votes on the 8th.

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