Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yuletide Gazings: A Burning Log Blog!

[as originally posted 12/23/08 on my formerly free thinking blog ]

So Smart Arse and I are sitting by the Yule fire last night, 'nog in hand, ruminating on the year that's been, when all of a sudden, amid the fiery blaze, his face appeared

Stunned, we gasped! I spat my nog, as Smart Arse spilled his all over his new sweater.

Transfixed. All we could do was stare. All of Harpo's features were clearly visible! Flames licked at the helmet hair as the the growing proboscis protruded out between those beady, supercilious eyes. His duplicitous lips seemed to taunt us. We thought: Xmas in Hell!

And then, magically, the fire morphed, rendering his head translucent and we could see, we could see ... his brain grinding away. Plotting, scheming, planning. A horrific sight, but we couldn't turn away!

Then Fat Arse farted - the spell was broken. Yet, amid the putrid stench, the horrible visage continued to contort and twist. Clearly a sign...

…of things to come.

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