Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bruinooge Watch pt.2: Silent "Odd" Rod and the cancellation of the 2012 World indigenous Games

Rod Bruinooge is nothing if not tight-lipped when it comes to the abject failure of Harper's Conservative Party to stand up for aboriginal people.

According to the Winnipeg Sun, the Harper Government's refusal "to match a $3.5 million commitment" by Manitoba to support Winnipeg's hosting of the inaugural 2012 World Indigenous Games has led to the event's cancellation. As an event organizer said, "the wheels fell off" when Harper's Conservatives failed to support the initiative and now this "lack of federal support means Canada might not be the place to host the first games." Typical! Bloody typical!

Rod Bruinooge's Con Party can find $30+ BILLION for jets we don't need - but they refused to cough up a measly 1% of that amount to ensure Winnipeg could host a "United Nations and the International Olympic Committee" sanctioned event that would have brought "more than 3,000 participants from across the globe to Manitoba and generated an estimated $50 million in economic activity." Moreover, aside from highlighting aboriginal culture & sport, the event would also have provided a much needed positive example to our aboriginal youth here in Manitoba. But no, Rod Bruinooge's CON Party didn't see it that way - they are too focused on jets and jails to give a rat's ass about our aboriginal youth, their potential, or our city!

And here in South Winnipeg, Odd-Rod stays silent still... what else is new?


  1. I heard about that. Unfortunately, the Conservative base probably approves.

  2. They could have come up with the money by not advertising at the Super Bowl, but this really isn't about the money. It never is with these assholes. They merely deduced that there weren't enough votes to be had. If there was they would have gladly spent 10 times that amount.

  3. There's more than ideology that is odd about Rod. Have you ever smelled his breath?

    It could knock a buzzard off a gut-wagon.

  4. @dubious,

    Rod Bruinooge's bad breath, while unfortunate, is of no concern to me. As a smoker I too have bad breath... it' his worldview to which I object.

  5. For fun (yes, my life has been reduced to doing this for fun on a Saturday night), I scanned back on his comments at open parl and howdtheyvote that I posted on my blog the other day).

    The view certainly doesn't include Manitoba. The guys statements, petitions, debates and I can't even see Manitoba mentioned. (Have to admit I only spent 15 minutes on it). Kind weird for a backbench MP.

    Maybe now for fun I will do the others and see if they mention Winnipeg or Manitoba.

    Then I'm gonna bathe my dog.

    And call it a Saturday night !

  6. @Mr. Christian,

    Trust canine cleaning went well, funny you should mention the references by Bruinooge to Manitoba. About 18-24 months ago I too did the same kind of search through Hansard and was simply astonished by how few times he referred to our province, our, city, and/or his riding. It really was quite informative. If memory serves I think it was either Judy W. or Toews who had the most references to the province.