Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shelly Glover's gaffe and her ensuing lies about Anita Neville's voting record

Conservative Shelly Glover is prone to gaffes and tripping herself up. Yesterday she accused Winnipeg South Centre Liberal MP Anita Neville of being too old to do the job. Of being past her "expiry date". Rightly her comments were viewed as ageist. Today, panicked, Glover was in full frontal damage control mode. Yet, rather than apologizing, she then tried to explain away her face-planting gaffe by lying about Anita Neville's voting record.

Yep, that's what she did. You see, rather than admit her remarks were wrong, Glover opted instead to flat out lie about another Honourable Member's parliamentary voting record. Professing she never meant to "insult" senior citizens across this land, silly Shelly then said that all she really had meant to do was "remind" seniors: "that Ms. Neville just voted to oppose the Conservative Government’s plan to increase [Guaranteed Income Supplement] payments to the most vulnerable, lowest income seniors in Canada..." Problem is, Glover's new assertion is patently false!

Ms. Neville never did any such thing. The legislation that Glover refers to was contained in the bogus Tory Budget 2011 which, as CBC pointed out, was never brought up for debate and/or voted upon. Why? Because Glover and her party were found to be in CONTEMPT of Parliament. So tell me Ms. Glover, hours before your petulant and power-hungry leader is scheduled to set down here in Winnipeg: Do you stand by this lie?

Sorry... I can't hear you. "Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?..."

[photo courtesy of ChrisD.ca]


  1. I believe you are being too harsh on Shelly Glover and that she deserves more respect.

  2. I disagree with the previous anonymous comment.

    I also commend you on finding the best pic of Shelly ever posted in the history of local blogging.

  3. somebody needs more sleep...

  4. Hopefully Raymond Simard can put Glover to sleep, metaphorically of course!

  5. I'm so disgusted by Glover's antics that I'm donating $50 to Simard and as everyone knows, I h8 Liberals.