Thursday, March 10, 2011

Integrity Harpo Style: Christiane Ouimet - - A broken, defiant, and misguided soul who [today] failed to take responsibility

See this pick from the Globe & Mail... this is what an "Integrity Fail" looks like. It's also what somebody looks like after they've been bought off for 1/2 a MILLION DOLLARS to keep their mouth shut about what they really know!

Another Harpo & Co. success story: No transparency here!

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  1. unreal. I read some of her testimony - everyone was out to get her, the whistleblower act is limited, the AG wasn't fair...

    At least Dingwall didn't go around blaming everyone else.

    Pathetic how stevie defends paying Ouimet out but was just so, so outraged as the Dinwall severance.