Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Globe & Mail reports: "Harper’s top aide being linked to in-and-out scandal"

Read and wonder... is this the kind of accountability he promised us?

Anyone remember February 2006? "Canada's next prime minister said his first act in Parliament will be to propose a federal accountability act." HA! What a joke that turned out to be.

Five years on, and too many scandals to mention, it is clear to all rational Canadians with ears and/or eyes that Harpo's words and actions are as cheap, tawdry, and empty as a whore's promise of love when the money (i.e. the vote) is the issue. His faux commitment to transparency is, like everything else about the man, notable only for its absence. With no heart and no shame ... all that he covets is political gain. Fuck him, let's tell him his run is done!

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  1. right!!!!!

    I like the focus Libs and NDP are putting on accountability. If Canadians can be shaken up out of their stupor to care about that, it is good for democracy

    900ft j