Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jason Kenney Desperate for Tweet Cred? His tweet & my reply

Jason Kenney
Did an interview on the @ on Newstalk 1010 in Toronto. He asked me for a policy to deport mothers-in-law!


Fat Arse
@ @ Well, if they were innocent Sri Lankan mother-in-laws of Tamil descent I'm sure you'd figure out a way!

*** FIN ***

Update @3:05 CST - My mother-in-law says the CPC has just lost the "mother-in-law" vote!

Update #2 @3:08 CST - In a desperate attempt to pull an Oda-esque "NOT" losing the mother-in-law vote the Harper Government's Immigration Minister,Jason Kenney, is now going to try and bury his earlier tweet with more banal tweets; to wit:
Jason Kenney
Interesting column by Jonathan Chevreau comparing the retirement income plans of the Conservative and Liberal parties:
Jason Kenney
West Van Sunshine Coast candidate John Weston & I did roundtables w enthusiastic supporters from the Persian & Chinese communities

Hm, ... I wonder if he did those roundtables before or after the radio interview. And if it was before, why didn't he tweet about it then?