Monday, March 14, 2011

Yet another reason why the Harper Government's F-35 jet purchase should be questioned.

So last week we heard from Canada's Parliamentary Budget Officer, Kevin Page, that Harpo & Co.'s ridiculous decision to go ahead and purchase the troubled F-35 fighter jet will cost we taxpayers BILLIONS upon BILLIONS more than they had said it would! NOW today we read that the entire fleet of the troubled, unproven, and exorbitantly over-priced jet fighter has been grounded by the US military because of a "dual generator failure and an oil leak"!

Just like Harpo & Co. to back something that can't fly! Yet another waste of Canadian taxpayer funds by the Cons!


  1. There's more to this purchase than meets the eye. Are we not "partners". Didn't we already go through this exercise with Bomarc missles and F 18's.

    There has to be a reason why we are going with unproven fighters at a cost of 30 Billion plus

    Mr. N.

  2. Hi Mr. N.,
    I would venture that the reason we have tied our military future to this purchase is tied to our failure to act as a sovereign nation and our simple unwillingness to take ownership of our own military policy ... that and our craven desire to integrate all our military capabilities into the preferred US military model in all things strategic? Course, that's just me ;)

  3. But we be pardnurs, they buy our oil we buy their weapons of mass destructi....sorry, they don't fly yet.

  4. The US has been pressuring all their client states to purchase these failed planes. The entire F-35 program has been a colossal failure and Lockheed Martin needs bailing out.