Monday, March 28, 2011

Harper continues to Abuse Government of Canada Websites: Tory Platform aka "Budget 2011" gets a free ride at taxpayer expense

First go see the official Government of Canada Finance website. See how prominently the Tory election platform is displayed? No surprise really. After all what would you expect of serial abusers like Harpo & Co who believe, in their heart of hearts, that the public purse is there to be raped for partisan purposes. See here also.

Fact is "No Confidence" Harpo and his band of contemptuous usurpers will leave this free advertising up for as long as they can get away with it. In my calls to members of the Public Service at the Finance Department today it was acknowledged that "somebody had brought this up this morning" - but as of yet they have had no clear directive to take the shameless partisan items down. They are awaiting guidance. Needless to say, Flaherty's minions at Finance will wait until the last possible moment to abide by the law before making a change.

Following my conversation with a poor and clearly besieged conscientious public servant (whose tone, if not words, conveyed awareness that this abuse is not proper), I then phoned CBC "Power & Politics" to convey my concern. A nice gent named Greg took my message and promised to forward it on... well let's see what Evan Solomon and Co. do with it today. Or like so many other blatant examples of the "Harper Government" abuses of Government of Canada websites will it fall through the cracks of the election cycle spin?

Bottom line, Harpo & Co. know this is wrong. The "Budget 2011" was never debated, it was never passed and it is NOT Canadian Government policy... why? Because his government was found in CONTEMPT for this very sort of behaviour. Enough is enough, no more taxpayer dollars for their partisan agenda.


  1. Looks to me like this page was last changed before the gov't fell...

  2. "Our Government will build on the success of our stimulus plan," said Minister Flaherty.

    These guys truly have a deep seeded aversion to the term Canadian Government don't they, hell I'd even settle for a "your government" once in a while
    These pricks really do believe that they own the place.

  3. @Anon - doesn't matter a wit if it was "last changed" after March 23rd... they've had plenty of time to do the honourable thing and change it back!

    @Kev to turn a phrase back on its ear: THEY care only for the "WE" in a clause like "We the people,..." To them the "PEOPLE" are but an annoyance whose tax dollars are required to run illegal partisan promotions that clearly are only meant to dupe the "PEOPLE".

  4. Need help!!

    Do I vote for the person in my area or the political party?