Monday, February 21, 2011

Fight on Libya!

This pic is of the famed Libyan Freedom fighter known as the Lion of the Desert, Omar Muktar (1862-1931). He he was hanged at the hands of his Italian oppressors in 1931. To all you brave Libyan's now rising up, fighting, and giving your lives some eighty years on to overthrow another sick oppressive boot of tyranny - it is my fervent hope that you may soon prevail. Godspeed to all of you in Libya who want freedom! And to the rest... disgrace, infamy, and if need be, death!


  1. I suspect that the Gaddafi's have no where to flee to,meaning that this is going to be a vicious ,violent struggle.

    “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

  2. Hi, it's me! I love the way the left is now adopting the cause of the Libyan people against that wack-job (K)(KH)(Q)(GH)(G)adaffi. You may as well get on the train now that it's leaving the station. Right, boys?

    The right has been decrying that socialist boob since ... well ... not all that long after the other socialst boob so loved (and still loved) by you, dear jefe Fidel. But for you on the left, it was too difficult -- what with his anti-American bona fides and all.

    And then to bring up his fascist "Italian oppressors" is just too too! Jeez, you rationalists -- "ergo atheists" -- love to disown your own.