Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Oda Odor begets yet another alternate Tory reality sideshow.

Faced with the fact that Oda's lying version of events over the Kairos affair has set off Canada's collective bullshit meter, Stephen Harper is at it again. With Harpo & Co's current PC Minister of Misremembering (Bev Oda) seemingly truth challenged the PMO has decided to invoke Rule#1 from the PC Emergency Political Playbook (aka PEPP).

For those of you unclear on Harpo & Co.'s PEPP Rule#1, it reads:

"Should our government or any of our amoral minions be caught in the act of deceiving the Canadian public:

a.) it shall be the official policy of this PMO to immediately employ all the obfuscating ideological trained spin-monkeys at our disposal to invent a faux alternate reality to explain away why the facts don't matter.

b.) This new gospel, this narrative of nonsense if you will, is to then be distributed to all our sitting turnips, ... err... that is, to our Ministers of the Crown and the Cockus.

c.) Said PC turnips, sycophants, yes-men, and assorted mimics are then to spread out like a pathogen across the land and throughout the media-sphere to endlessly and shamelessly champion the new talking points. The new gospel is to be disseminated to ALL.

d.) Internal questions as to the veracity of the new narrative will not be entertained, and any effort to apply logic and/or integrity to this process is strictly VERBOTEN!"

Given today's news in the Montreal Gazette it would seem the rule is in play. The PC spin wizards are again trying to baffle us with bullshit - "Operation Oda: To sanitize, deodorize, and minimize" has indeed begun!

Really, were we to expect anything better from Harpo & Co.? Sadly, the answer is no.


  1. My personal favourite con tactic is when they troll a comments thread with more than a thousand participants, 90% of whom disagree with the cons stance on a matter, and state that it isn't really an issue because nobody cares.

  2. Hey, watch what you hit with that bucket.

    They're not PCs anymore, they're CPs!