Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winnipeg is officially "Katzville": And like its mayor, Katzville is sick!

"To wrap up the speech, the mayor assured the crowd that Winnipeg is well on its way to economic growth." Err, ... thanks Global TV, you mindless parrots! Here, try these Free Press interpretations of his State of the City address instead - they got it right:

Mayor Katz "... was avoiding the larger question about the need for a new political and economic relationship between the city and the province." AND, "... did not mention this is a city that right now does not produce enough revenue to pay its bills."

Clearly, here in the "Katzville" all is not well. But you wouldn't know it if the only person you ever listened to was the bespectacled moron who, sadly, is our very own Hizzoner. To hear him say it, Katzville (formerly a city called Winnipeg) is on the precipice of greatness!

Yes sirree, we are "World Class"! But only if one defines "world class" as: making a bogus announcement of hosting the big-game; having one newfangled cop-chopper in the sky; and not being able to pay one's bills or live up to one's promises. Yep, Mayor Katz, by those standards we are indeed world class! World class all the way baby! Err, that is, if you're comfortable being mayor of a town that sees 48,000 of its citizens having to rely on food banks! Yep, aside from hunger and a myriad of other human issues that you have failed to address here in Katzville, we are, indeed, world class Mr. Mayor - a "world class" failure in the making!

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