Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tasering Testicles Toronto style - police abuse, lack of legitimacy, & Cairo I hear you calling

"A Toronto cop's threat to Taser suspects' testicles was..."

I said it then, and I'll say it again: the use of Tasers by our law enforcement agencies are a problem.

In the hands of too many wrong & weak-minded cops, Taser's are nothing but a bullying control tool that too often result in either torture, coercion, or death. A "too-ready" tool in the arsenal of our state-sponsored paramilitary organizations (i.e. police), Tasers are too often being employed to deprive us of our rights, our liberties, and our lives. Yes, that even includes the rights of criminals! Because even the guilty in Canada should be free from any form of state sanctioned threats of torture. And anyone who believes otherwise is a fascist.

If incidents like this keep up, more and more Canadians will start refusing to submit to any legitimate questions from police. Fearing abuse, even the innocent will start resisting any threat of detention by the authorities. Not on the grounds of they are innocent, but sadly on the grounds that it does not matter if we are innocent or not! After all, who wants to take the chance of being Tasered in the nuts if they are, in fact, innocent? Who will risk not being able to give the "right" answers to question's posed by bully cops? Certainly, not me - cause while my nutsack may not be a big hairy deal to anybody else, it is mine, and it does deserve to be left unmolested by anyone other than my wife!

It's time all police forces across Canada took a good look in the mirror. They collectively need to decide if they are: protectors of Canadian rights, or are they violators? If the answer is the latter, beware Canadian cops. Beware because some of us will simply stop respecting your faux claims to authority - and the cost will be high. If our Canadian police continue to operate as if they are above the law they will absolutely lose their claim to social legitimacy. Law abiding Canadian citizens have had enough. We need to believe in our rights and in our the laws AND we need to know that our state-sanctioned "protectors" of the said law will NOT violate our rights! Otherwise, all is lost. With each new tale of police abuse our fragile democracy is further weakened. Our "rights" become farce, the state losses legitimacy, and we all are placed at risk .... and then that real trouble begins. Cairo, I hear you calling...


  1. I grew up in one of Toronto's "troubled" neighborhoods and as such I see little new in the recent spate of revelations pertaining to police brutality, it has been ever thus.

    What is new however is the advent of video which makes it difficult for them to continue to cover up their crimes. This is ironic because they set up the surveillance state to monitor us, not expecting the tables to be turned on them instead.

    The law of unintended consequences also applies to the G20, while on the surface they seem to be getting away with their abuse of authority and the trampling of our rights, they have managed to wake the general public to their culture of oppression and deceit.

    Many now see the cops not as "our finest" as they have in the past, but as they truly are tyrants and criminals. This shift in paradigms is something I thought I would never see in my lifetime.

  2. I plan to tell the next cop I see in a coffee shop that I am afraid of him/her. I would rather my son/daughter was a prostitue than become a cop.