Monday, February 21, 2011

Unlike Canada's Prime Minister - here's a PM with BALLS!

While I may not agree with the British PM's politics... I gotta say the man has balls. Mere days after the Egyptian uprising and the ouster of the authoritarian Mubarak, British PM David Cameron has boldly (and maybe even wrongly?) decided to ally himself with the current caretakers of the Egyptian people.

Though the hybrid civilian and military command now running Egypt faces many perils, and is possibly in danger of taking missteps between now and the scheduled fall elections in Egypt, British PM Cameron has nevertheless decided to demonstrate solidarity with their cause and mission.

Can any Canadian imagine our hapless hopeless Harper ever demonstrating the same kind of gravitas? Can any of us here in Canada imagine our PM actually committing himself so wholly and completely to a process still in flux and potentially fraught with so many political downsides? Can anyone (any Canadian?) imagine our Prime Minister ever displaying a pair of balls like British PM David Cameron has just done?

The short answer is: NO!

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper simply does not have the balls, the testicular fortitude, or the gonadal gravitas to ever take a chance like this; he is simply too weak. He is, sadly, an "international leader" without credibility.

The post-revolutionary game in Egypt is not for the weak of heart who pander but never lead. It is not for the mimics who cannot see that aping other leaders and then parroting pablum on the global stage is not leadership. Frankly, it is not for men like Stephen Harper. He hasn't got the timber, the time, and/or the convictions to be taken seriously by anyone outside this country. In short, Harper's international Cannon is too weak... a mere pop-gun.

Stephen Harper is too selfish to ever take a chance like David Cameron. And he is too gutless to ever act on a point of principle that would open him up to criticism! As a "world leader" he is nothing but a disgraceful pantywaist, a man who has no business sharing the stage with real men and women of substance! Stephen Harper is a Foreign Affairs failure who only "kisses" when its safe and never "tells" it like it is. Stephen Harper is weak.


  1. From my perspective, despite a few bumps, David Cameron has done more good in less than a year than Stephen Harper has even *tried* to do in over five years

  2. Brian, I would have to agree. Though he may not be my ideological cup-of-tea, he admittedly has become a bold politician who is unafraid to move on a great number of files - both domestic and foreign. Also, he has done it by generally taking into account opposition concerns... too bad Harpo can't see this is the way real leaders govern.