Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stupidest Headline I've Read today!

CTV Headline: "PM doesn't favour U.S. fee for Canadians"

Again CTV News is using it's media platform to try to paint Stephen Harper in the best possible light. Christ, their headline is absurd!

Of course, Harpo (no matter how little integrity he may actually have) cannot, and will not, support the levying of fees on Canadians traveling to the US. After all, that would be akin to him coming out in "favour" of an unnecessary purchase of an over-priced new and unproven fighter jet! Wouldn't it?

A freaking no-brainer this story is not news! Only a moron PM would "favour" it! The real CTV headline should have read: "Harpo can only manage to opine that the US proposed fee on Canadian travelers is not 'useful'!"


  1. I have long describe CTV as the cons in-house broadcaster. While we are at it lets not forget their hatchet job on Dion during the last election.
    Talking points

  2. @ Kev: I believe Dion felled himself with that hatchet.

  3. True while many of Dion's wounds were either self inflicted or caused by the Rae and Ignatieff camps, the incident that I was alluding to was when CTV aired his flubbing of a question and asking for a do-over. It is common practice to sometimes to do another take of a question and answer in order to produce the best possible show, what isn't common practice however is the airing of the outtakes.

  4. As I've said elsewhere, I'm a little crazy on this.

    I think Canada should support it.

    I think it will finally give us a clear stake as US taxpayers, so every time someone takes a shot at the open border, Doer or his replacement smiles and says "do you want to lose revenue?)

    I think it amounts to a US tax designed to encourage us to vacation and shop in Canada without in any way slowing real trade or essential traffic. Bravo!

    It's $5.50 for God's sakes. It's the cost of a Big & Tasty value meal at Minneapolis airport (not that I'd know -!)

  5. I'm with you on that Brian, in fact I would like to see it at 50 dollars and applied at land crossings as well. Anything to discourage the economic traitors that are more willing to support the US economy than they are their own by engaging in cross border shopping.

    If they think that they are making a point about price disparity, they are not as they are enriching the very same corporations no matter which side of the border they shop on.