Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gaddafi? Kadhafi? Qaddafi? Gaddaffy? I don't care how you spell it cause it's all the same kind of CRAZY to me!

Al-Jazeera is calling it defiant. Others say it was rambling. Maybe so, but as I watched the entire thing live today the only word that coming to my mind was CRAZY!
Clearly unstable, the Libyan leader seemed to lose his grip more than a few times during the rant. Truth is, the guy I really felt sorry for was the poor bastard who was the TV translator. You could tell that he was often really struggling to make sense out of the disjointed wing-nut wisdom nuggets that kept spewing out of Gaddafi's frothing mouth - poor bugger. Hey, don't they shot rabid dogs in Libya?

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  1. Freedom is the most powerful drug of all.
    The end is near for the Gaddafi clan. When violence ceases to be an effective tool of oppression a tyrant's time is over