Thursday, February 24, 2011

Harpo & Co. unleash their Rats! (aka: Stephen Harper is a usury bastard!)

Usury specimens both!

Remember this: "Aside from their actual bite, rats spread disease through the fleas they carry, their urine, feces, and falling hairs." [
Public Health Service publication]

When you read this: "The Harper government is sending 80 MPs across the country today on a taxpayer-funded campaign to promote its economic action plan."

nuff said!


  1. Oddly enough I just read about submarines purchased in 2000, which were sucky then and had problems. Apparently that proves Libs hate the troops.

    I mean, really? This suddenly is news again?

    This government has no shame....


  2. The conbots are frying their processors, trying to spin this one as anything other than what it is, using taxpayers money for partisan purposes. On a related note a leaked memo proves that the EAP website was also used for partisan purposes. I'm shocked, I tell ya, SHOCKED!